About the Editor

With five decades of investigating, reporting and writing about government and politics on local, state, and national levels, including stints with the New York Journal American, Hearst Newspapers NY, Baltimore News American and daily newspapers in Florida, California, and Ohio, and in radio and television news, TJ Edwards’ old-school approach to journalism is a departure from today’s often vacuous techniques of gathering and reporting news by presenting it in an honest, straightforward way, with necessary language, context and depth but without the stench of political correctness or self-aggrandizing opinions so pervasive now. Analysis, criticism and opinion are left to the EyeOnWhy commentary sections.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to keep tabs on the activities, policies and politics of our three branches of government, with an eye on how wisely our tax dollars are spent from dollar one. EyeOnWhy also covers a wide variety of other issues, events and decisions that affect our daily lives in an independent, libertarian conservative perspective beholden to no party, politician or dogma. That perspective includes belief in freedom with responsibility, not the freedom from responsibility that is stripping the nation’s moral fabric.