Today’s Briefing

Leftwing Deathsperation Body Count Scheme

By Thomas J. Edwards [email protected] Radical U.S. leftwing strategists are going all out now to demoralize the country through propaganda against the Trump administration. And its design of the death toll estimate caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last September is its most egregious example so far, one sufficient enough in its … Read More »

Western Mind And The Islamic Death Cult

There are two serious threats to the future of the United States as a constitutional republic embracing the concept of individual freedom and limited government — Islam and George Soros. Both are similar in intent but different in content. Islam wants world domination under its faith as as the moral guidance and Sharia Law as Read More »

Do Liberals Inherently Regard Blacks As Primates?

By Thomas J. Edwards What is “Monkey Up?” It became painfully obvious today (Wed., Aug. 29. 2018) that Liberals-Progressives-Leftists consider Black People/African Americans as little more than primates — monkeys, apes and chimpanzees — who, in the tradition of white slave owners of antebellum-era America, need … Read More »

Obamacare Repeal Is Possible Now

A Senate Democrat from New Jersey may be the key for President Donald Trump to succeed in getting Obamacare repealed. Sen. Bob Menendez will finally go to trial on corruption charges and the judge has already ruled he must be in the courtroom at all times because the court won’t recess so he can jet Read More »

Hillary Unleashes New Hate Group

BULLETIN: By Tom J. Edwards. Leftwing hate of President Donald Trump knows no bounds. And Hillary Clinton wants to embody that hate into a strategy to undermine Trump’s administration and prevent him from putting the United States on a road to recovery from the ideological ravages of Barack Obama. Hillary has formed a platformist … Read More »

Professional Suicide Of Bill O’Reilly

In the end, TV pundit Bill O’Reilly is solely responsible for his professional suicide. He simply got too big for his britches. The fame, celebrity, close association with power centers, social deferences, all pushed O’Reilly into that netherworld most celebrities find themselves. They are untouchable, so they think. His actions … Read More »