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Trump Blew Debate Big Time

By Thomas J. Edwards – Analysis. President Trump had the opportunity to make former Vice President Joe Biden look weak and confused. He failed miserably. Instead, Trump came on looking like a bull in a china shop, grimacing, red-faced, veins bulging, neck looking like it would burst out of his collar. That made Biden look Read More »

Riot, Looting Solution At Hand, But…

By Thomas J. Edwards – There is a solution to bring riot and looting to an immediate halt. But collateral fallout, while harmless, makes its use highly selective. It was devised by the Israelis more than a decade ago as an extremely effective and physically harmless method to disperse crowds and force participants to carefully Read More »


By Thomas J. Edwards – Commentary – Are we as a nation being sucked into a propaganda vortex by a minority mob intent on overthrowing the government as Vladimir Lenin and his mob of students and the socially alienated did in Russia in 1917? The answer is a resounding Yes!. We are on the same Read More »

Pelosi Seeks More Money To Slaughter More Babies

By Thomas J. Edwards– Planned Parenthood is now killing an average of 125 babies per hour in an eight-hour, seven-day work week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she intends to pack the next supplemental appropriations bill with a demand for millions more dollars to help the organization speed-up its abortion program. The bill, on … Read More »

Are Hospitals Scamming COVID-19 Deaths To Boost Government Subsidies?

By Thomas J. Edwards – There appears to be a massive drop in natural deaths nationwide. Suddenly, most people falling ill are dying of the Wuhan coronavirus. Word seeping out from health care professionals confirm the sudden shift in causes of deaths. How can that be? It can’t. It’s all in the padding of death Read More »

China Involved In Massive Virus Coverup Of Patient Zero

By Thomas J. Edwards – Whatever happened to Patient Zero of the Wuhan coronavirus, the 55-year-old resident of East- Central China’s Hubei Province? That person — China has never identified that first victim and we don’t know the gender or fate of the victim — has evaporated. And that person holds the key to what … Read More »

At A Glance


HAVE WE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF MEGHAN MARKLE? BY Thomas J. Edwards – Opinion – Planet Earth may finally have had enough of Meghan Markle, the gold digger who weaseled her way into England’s … Read More »

A Tribute To Little Richard And Michael McClure

By Thomas J. Edwards– America lurched into the 1950s trapped in a cold war with Joe Stalin’s Soviet Union and the specter of Communism wafting over the U.S. government with Republican Senator … Read More »

Cummings Critique Was Sure Bet To Be Called ‘Racism’

Reaction was a certainty. The only question was who would be first out of the box to fling the epithet of “racism” at President Donald Trump for daring to criticize a black person. … Read More »

Coulter Political Death Wish Or CNN Talk Show Host?

One-time conservative darling Ann Coulter is headed for political oblivion, having turned on the superman she created in her own eyes over a pet peeve of hers that the superman _- President Donald … Read More »

Common Sense Trumps Knee-Jerk Politics

Laguna Beach, CA residents are recovering from a recent row over the U.S. flag. City councillors decided to keep the American flag on its new police car decals despite an outcry from the political … Read More »