Today’s Focus

Billions Of Tax Dollars Squandered In New Obama Scandal

By Thomas J. Edwards Investigations of the federal government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program and its spinoff Hardest Hit Program reveal millions of hard-earned tax dollars have been squandered in a program launched by the Obama administration to help homeowners bludgeoned by the mammoth mortgage fraud scandal of 2008. An update … Read More »

Border Wall Needed Now Or We Lose As A Nation

By Richard S. Wisniach – Commentary California’s educational crisis is a microcosm of the country’s educational dilemma where indoctrination has replaced learning and the exercise of critical thought. A California teacher in a recent commentary sheds light on the crisis of illegal immigration and how our resistance to a border … Read More »

Media Muslim Orgy Spotlights Anti-Christian Hypocrisy

By Thomas J. Edwards – Commentary A rare attack by a non-Muslim on two New Zealand mosques has triggered a worldwide emotional avalanche abetted by a tight network of Islamic propaganda groups posing as civil rights organizations. They are the same groups that pounce on every real and perceived slight of Islam and Muslims to Read More »

Bureaucrat Spending Spree Drubs Taxpayers

By Thomas J. Edwards Federal bureaucrats have reached a peak of arrogance sufficient to be able to tell their bosses — U.S taxpayers — to go to hell. And that arrogance recently and intentionally wasted enough money on parties and extravagance to rejuvenate all of the country’s public housing, build the entire U.S-Mexico … Read More »

Are We Too Little, Too Late To Stop Socialism?

By Thomas J. Edwards – Outlook If the 2018 mid-term elections accomplished anything more than the success of a group of mental midgets regaining power in the House of Representatives, it was the bold illustration of how far and deep the Socialist movement has progressed in the United States — Socialism is the final step Read More »

One More Triumph For Sharia Law USA

By Thomas J. Edwards Newly minted U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made it clear she would demand — that’s right, demand — that the House of Representatives obey Sharia Law by eliminating a centuries-old rule governing head coverings on the House floor with a goal of forcing a religious exemption to the rule. After all, Read More »

At A Glance

Coulter Political Death Wish Or CNN Talk Show Host?

One-time conservative darling Ann Coulter is headed for political oblivion, having turned on the superman she created in her own eyes over a pet peeve of hers that the superman _- President Donald … Read More »

Common Sense Trumps Knee-Jerk Politics

Laguna Beach, CA residents are recovering from a recent row over the U.S. flag. City councillors decided to keep the American flag on its new police car decals despite an outcry from the political … Read More »

Where Is The Kamala Outcry?

If a Republican or conservative prospect for the presidency chose to unveil his or her intention on the day the nation stops to commemorate the life and work of Civil Rights Icon Dr. Martin Luther … Read More »

Maddow Seeks Slave

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s doyenne of leftwing radicalism, wants a slave to produce her daily primetime show — yes, a slave. Maddow has an advertisement on the NBC Universal Employment web … Read More »

Trump Progress

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, the American Leninists dubbed him “Hitler.” Now the Sorosists in the wake of the Comey firing are calling Trump “Nixon.” … Read More »