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By Thomas J. Edwards

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Women Govern More On Impulse Than Reason

By Thomas J. Edwards

Are women really ready to govern in key, critical positions? The answer apparently is no although even posing such a question triggers accusations of misogyny and threats of hate from misandrists. How dare anyone in this age of political correctness even think of challenging female governance outside the home. But such a question is increasingly relevant as instances of governing by wrath, emotion and vengeance multiply.

To be sure, many men are not up to governing. But in the normal course of events, incapable men have been subdued by their peers early on and those who have made it past muster and succumb to corruption, they have largely paid the price in prison terms. At the same time, there have been superb women leaders. Take for example Margaret Thatcher who successfully led Great Britain through troubled times.

Women on the other hand had long been denied leadership roles outside the home, where they were confined to bearing children and housekeeping chores. Those who now face leadership difficulties are primarily women who advanced through the gender preference environment of the 1970s second wave feminist era or who benefited from racial affirmative action preferences — move them on through the educational process even though they only possess basic levels of intellectual disciplines.

Today’s female leaders in trouble are largely the products of affirmative action. Unfortunately, they are incapable of seeing themselves in trouble. They are of the generations brought up in the age of participation trophies where everyone is equally qualified and intelligent. They have been denied the intellectual discipline of critical thinking. Their thought processes are one dimensional — react from gut feeling.

One principal example is Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat whose IQ hovers in the single-digit range. Bowser’s venomous hatred of President Donald Trump prompted her visceral reaction to gleefully embrace a radical racist Marxist-Leninist hate group masquerading as a benevolent organization that bilks donors of tens of millions of unaccountable dollars. Bowser ordered taxpayer paid city crews to paint “Blacks Lives Matter” in bold letters on a city street across from the White House to spite Trump.

Bowser, like her counterparts across the country, demeaned and defunded her police department in the wave of anti-law enforcement that erupted in the wake of petty criminal George Floyd’s killing in 2020 in Minneapolis. Bowser also supports the decriminalization of a range of criminal activities that pillage and maim the citizenry, a move that precipitated a crime wave across the city.

The same holds true for Marilyn Mosby, the chief prosecutor in nearby Baltimore, who abhors the preponderance of blacks in the prison system by regarding the criminal justice system as the culprit, rather than the thugs committing the crimes. Mosby decriminalized a wide range of crimes, from assault to theft, looting, shoplifting, in a move to balance the racial numbers in the prison system. Crime has spiraled out of control in Baltimore as a result.

Baltimore has a recent history of rogue women mayors — Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Catherine Pugh, and Sheila Dixon. Blake was the only mayor to leave unscathed. She was voted one of the 10 best-dressed mayors but was unable to curb the city’s 2015 rioting. Pugh is spending three years in prison for corruption. Dixon was indicted on 12 felony and misdemeanor counts and given probation.

The same holds true for Chicago, a city once heralded as an ideal place to visit but is now considered a city to avoid at all costs. Crime is rampant, Murders and random shootings are commonplace. At the helm is Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat lacking any sense of self-discipline and critical thought. All Blacks are victims of White supremacists and should be absolved for their actions. Lightfoot has the ardent support of City Prosecutor Kim Foxx, a “progressive” Democrat who holds the same views as Lightfoot and legal approach as Mosby.

The criminal situation in Chicago has deteriorated to a point where police turn their backs on Lightfoot who insists the police department be reduced in size and budget.

Others in the same social justice league as Bowser, Mosby, and Lightfoot include St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones, a Democrat, and rogue prosecutor Kimberly Gardner, who arrested two White homeowners for protecting themselves and their home with legally owned guns against belligerent protesters. The homeowners were pardoned by the governor.

Count San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed, Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown, Seattle Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan, New Orleans Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Atlanta Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta-Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis, and Boston-Suffolk County Prosecutor Rachael Rollins, among the rogue female politicos helping to destroy major cities in the United States by their contempt of the criminal justice system, their partiality toward common crime, and their complete ineptitude as public servants.

Then we have Kamala Harris at the top of the pyramid of incompetence. Her election as vice president of the United States shocked everyone familiar with her sordid Willie Brown past and her fiercely contemptible record of pettiness and vengeance as California attorney general.


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