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By Thomas J. Edwards

Friday May 28, 2021

Will We All Be Secure In The World Of Biden’s Ministry of Truth?

By Thomas J. Edwards —

It’s amazing how Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is morphing into Wesley Mouch. If Wesley Mouch is a stranger to you, he is the embodiment of the ultimate government bureaucrat as immortalized by American philosopher Ayn Rand in her epic novel-treatise Atlas Shrugged.

Mayorkas as Mouch is a sniveling weasel of a human being. Mouch was a lobbyist of inherited wealth who built his career on political favoritism. He is the personification of the typical political appointee of a president who begin as lobbyists and make careers of government hacks who never achieve anything on their own.

That describes Mayorkas who got a degree as an attorney, entered government on graduation and has remained there ever since, rising in rank during the Obama administration. Mayorkas earned his bureaucrat’s stripes by heading the country’s immigration department at a time when illegal aliens stormed the southern border on invitation from Barack Obama and when Islamic refugees, mainly from Syria, were invited to settle in small, rural communities to build political strength.

Now, early in the Biden-Obama administration, Mayorkas wants to establish his mark permanently. Remember the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s ominous novel “1984?” Mayorkas wants to establish a Ministry of Truth in the new administration, an agency requiring indoctrination of children on how to discern the truth, that is truth as history rewritten to correspond with the radical left’s current narratives.

If Mayorkas succeeds as a Cabinet officer, and it is likely he will, a Ministry of Truth could well become reality and, like its 1984 blueprint, would be dubbed Minitrue in Mayorkas newspeak.

Mayorkas envisions his Ministry of Truth as the nation’s principle propaganda vehicle to help children recognize truth from lies and know when they are being fed disinformation. But to reach that goal, children will be indoctrinated to know what they can believe and who they can trust.

Every presidential administration, Republican and Democrat from the beginning, has been replete with lies, whether for national security or to mask wrongdoing. Mayorkas wants to refine the process to make lying the truth, that is truth will be defined and enshrined, doublespeak or contradictions will be blurred to make the public feel good about a policy, therefore serving the purposes of the state.

Political correctness of the past three generations has moved the principle of truth from being objective to being subjective. Modern truth is whatever an individual sees as truth regardless of contradictions.

Welcome to the Orwellian world of Alejandro Mayorkas who envisions himself as the sage of Biden’s reign.


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