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By Thomas J. Edwards

Sunday September 5, 2021

We Racially Desegregated To Re-Segregate Into Affinity Groups

By Thomas J. Edwards —

They are called “racial affinity groups” who seek “racial affinity spaces,” the latest absurd idea by social engineers to appease racial and ethnic conflict. So in the short span of 50 years, we have gone from desegregation of American society to erase all the vestiges of the racial separation and hatred caused by slavery to re-segregation to help heal the racial hatred brought about by a Black president intent on re-igniting the racial conflicts that were well on their way to healing before 2009.

Whatever Barack Obama is or professes to be, he likely will go down in history as the most evil, corrupt and deceitful president to hold the highest office the United States. Obama entered office under the aura of helping to heal the remaining wounds slavery wrought on America. Instead, Obama proceeded to ignite a new racial cauldron now well on its way to destroying the country unless it is somehow checked. 

We should have known better. Obama confessed his race hatred in detail in his 1995 memoir, Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, an outline of his hate of a white race he considers cruel, detached and despotic. 

Instead the nation swooned over a “handsome” Black candidate who spoke well. Everyone heard his dulcet baritone voice. Few listened carefully to words he used like “transformation” and “community,” words indicative of his ideology of socialism.

Now to affinity spaces for affinity groups or separating races and ethic groups so individuals in those groups can feel good about themselves — ah, participation trophies resurrected — and relate to their own kind without feeling uncomfortable, such as being around “oppressive” White people.

How did affinity groups and affinity spaces materialize? Apparently by word of mouth in academic circles in the post-Obama era. Where else? Academics claim there is plenty of evidence to support their use. 

But a survey conducted by Frederick M. Hess and published by the American Enterprise Institute shows no solid evidence-based academic or other research to make such claims, just a few published articles reflecting the authors’ judgment, and word of mouth praise over a handful of instances of their use. 

It all comes down to a new form of officially sanctioned racial segregation. And we even have a new racial acronym as a result — BIPOC. What are BIPOCs? They are Black, Indigenous, People of Color groups seeking affinity spaces.

Read the Hess survey at: https://tinyurl.com/9rwvmf83


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