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By Thomas J. Edwards

Wednesday November 23, 2022

Veiled Leftist Vote Corruption, Intimidation Freeze GOP Midterm Red Wave

By Thomas J. Edwards — An Analysis —

With the discord over the midterm elections giving way to a quickly shifting news cycle, the hard questions about how did a much-heralded Republican red wave result in such a massive debacle? The short answer is overhype without any supporting evidence. The long answer is much more complicated. Democrats largely held their ground as a result of a precise strategy to get out the vote, Democrat voter intimidation, vote corruption, and Republican apathy, overconfidence and willful ignorance and laziness.

Democrats and the American left have engineered a now well-honed get-out-the vote scheme that got underway with the 2016 election of Donald Trump and defeat of Hillary Clinton. It was bolstered by the social restrictions laid down by the Wuhan virus pandemic when the scheme was able to progress with little fanfare. The 2022 midterm election helped put the finishing touches on what the left so stridently calls “saving democracy.”

A major factor in the midterm vote is the massive turnout by young voters , the so-called Generation Z or GenZ . Democrat voting activists focused their efforts since 2020 on college campuses where legions of prospective voters ardently schooled in left wing principles by Marxist oriented academics are concentrated. The effort panned out and the youth vote largely made the difference for Democrats November 8. One example: Taxpayer money from the Federal Work Study program was used to pay college students to operate voter registration programs and involve themselves in partisan electioneering that helped Democrat candidates win elections.

Voter organization and indoctrination is a factor Republicans have refused to recognize. And they are paying the price. Democrats and their thousands of community organizations and activists — most subsidized by all taxpayers as nonprofit groups — again outflanked conservatives who apparently are content to bask in a soft, complacent life fostered by financial and personal success.

Consequently, they fail to fully grasp the scope of the vast undisciplined elements in government, the media, entertainment and education who are stimulating a breakdown of our values and cultural institutions. That existence in a vacuum has led Republicans and conservatives to unwittingly surrender to the left, allowing Democrats and their radical socialist torchbearers to continue their now firm grip on the levers of power in the government bureaucracy and above mentioned sectors of our fragmented society.

The midterm election was the illustrative turning point. The United States of America is now almost evenly divided between the self-serving and the self-reliant, between the social locust who believes the government is responsible for his well-being, and the socially disciplined individual who believes in progress on merit with no government shackles blocking that progress in the name of social equity. The divide is leaning more and more in the direction of the social locusts

How did the country become a welfare majority, crossing the 50 percent mark nationwide? Let’s take a close look even though it’s likely there is no turning back, the left’s grip on the country is so tight. Scrutinize most of the contests across the country where Democrats won by a slim margin or lost by the slimmest of margins, creating an almost uniform 52-48 divide.

What it comes down to is the left wing is satisfied with the way Democrats are governing the country, satisfied with soaring costs for basic necessities, content with the explosive cost of fuel, almost gleeful with the prospect of murdering more babies in the womb instead of preserving life, proud of the rise in crime nationwide, pleased with the crackdown on free speech, smug over their quest for strict gun control, and happy their leaders are willing to ignore US Supreme Court rulings not agreeing with their narrative or ideology. And they are content with the exploding national debt that will be paid for by their children.

But above all, the left in the United States is organized in politically lethal precision to get voters to the polls, a key reason why they frequently scream foul and “voter suppression” over any attempt to reform voting laws, such as requiring official identification to vote. Democrats, smarting over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald trump in 2016, quickly mapped a voter turnout strategy for the 2018 midterm election and the 2020 general election. Their effort met with success.

The strategy resulted in the creation or strengthening of nearly 1,600 voter registration groups such as the Movement Voter Project and Swing Left, employing almost 16,000 canvassers and a budget of more than $2 billion. They are augmented by national political activist organizations such as lobby groups Center for American Progress and the National Low Income Housing Coalition which have armies of activists in their member and affiliated organizations, Those are supplemented by thousands of regional, state and local organizations such as community and neighborhood groups.

It is that kind of precision organizing, spearheaded by Democrat behind-the-scenes strongmen, the likes of Barack Obama’s principal right hand Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton mentor John Podesta, that propelled Democrats into control of Congress in 2018, the entire government in 2020 and control of the 2022 midterms.

How else could the likes of Pennsylvania’s John Fetterman, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer be elected? How else could a supposedly sane country elect the likes of Joe Biden in 2020, a senile old man who hid in his basement throughout the campaign and whose singular accomplishment as a senator was to tax Social Security benefits. How could an ogre like interloper George Soros, banker to global government tyrants who is persona non grata in his own country of Hungary, get away with bankrolling district attorneys who favor thuggery over law— all his selected candidates won in the midterms.

That’s the fraud in American voting, the fraud of corruption and bullying, bolstered by voter ignorance and the new Millennial and GenZ cult of obedience to authority, augmented by the overriding influence of professional community organizers and canvassers who intimidate and herd voters to the polls under threat of snitching to their neighbors and friends if they fail to vote and vote the right way. That get out the vote campaign also has overwhelming support from the saturation of politically leftist mesmerizing ads in the social media spectrum of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and the like.

All the midterm elections accomplished was to embolden the radical left to step up its conquest agenda and prepare for complete control of the 2024 elections. They continued to camouflage the crux of the radical left’s grip on the country —voting power by any means necessary. Adherents of the constitutional form of government and individual freedom have run out of time.


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