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By Thomas J. Edwards

Saturday August 7, 2021

Taxpayers Hit By Nonprofit Housing Illegal Migrants With Sweetheart Contract

By Thomas J. Edwards

Thousands of destitute homeless American families and military veterans are sleeping on the streets and under highway overpasses while illegal alien border jumpers are housed in plush hotel suites at $342 a night under a sweetheart no-bid contract with a close ally of President Joseph Biden.

The more than half-billion dollar contracts — there are two — with San Antonio, Texas based Endeavors was tailored by the Biden administration specifically to ensure Endeavors was the sole source for the services needed if questions were posed even though several organizations exist to provide similar migrant services.

The reason the administration insisted on keeping the issue from prying eyes is the makeup the new flood of illegal migrants crossing the border. Eye On Why has learned thousands of migrants are from Africa rather than Latin America, which most Americans are told is the prevalent origin of the illegals.

Recent television portrayals of illegals crossing the Mexico-United States border show Black migrants for the most part even though Blacks do not make up any significant portion of Latin American populations. 

But thousands of African Blacks have been camped out in southern Mexico since 2019 after fleeing the ravages of Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Cameroon, stuck there after being shut out of the United States by the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. 

With the advent of the Biden administration, Black activist groups have applied pressure to finally admit the African migrants and they are now flooding across the border augmented by new arrivals from Africa. The dramatic increase has been mostly left out of US immigration conversations purposely at the behest of Biden allies fearful of public opposition.

That brings us to the cozy agreement with Endeavors, which has erected a wall of silence at refugee centers it operates. First, to set the stage, it is federal policy for government agencies to ask for bids when purchasing goods and services from the private sector. The only exception is when there is a need for services or equipment from single-source suppliers where the items needed are unavailable elsewhere.

That is not the case with the Biden administration’s contract with Family Endeavors Inc., otherwise know as Endeavors, a radical left faith-based organization founded in 1969 in San Antonio, Texas by the Presbyterian Church.

Without any attempt to follow procedures and put a contract to house, feed, and relocate illegals out for bid, the Biden administration handed Endeavors an $87 million sweetheart contract in March and followed that later with a $530 million contract when the influx of migrants exploded in numbers, largely augmented by the African deluge . 

The initial Endeavors contract called for the nonprofit to takeover seven hotels in three states in April and provide families medical screenings, Wuhan virus testing, meals, mental health services, planning assistance and access to lawyers.

Issuance of those contracts were largely unnoticed, only brief matter-of-fact mentions  were recorded in the media. They came to light when investigators began probing and residents of one city, Scottsdale, Arizona erupted in protest over housing migrants in an expensive downtown hotel.

It turns out the hotel is formerly the upscale Homewood Suites hotel, part of the Hilton Hotel chain, now rented by Endeavors from a real estate investment trust to be what amounts to an illegal safe house for housing illegal migrants. The US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency uses the more politically palatable description of a temporary home hosting asylum  seekers.

Investigators have discovered the hotel is a way station for families who stay no more than 72 hours before given transportation to bus stations or airports to reach their final destinations in what is known as Biden dumping of migrants in unsuspecting small towns across the country.

Meanwhile, illegals are provided the variety of services mentioned earlier for free, a benefit denied to most Americans, plus clothing and cash assistance. According to Pew Charitable Trusts, 26 states and the District of Columbia provide state funding for illegals including food assistance, healthcare, and aid to seniors and people with disabilities, all paid for with tax dollars.

The total number of safe houses for illegals is a closely guarded secret in the Biden administration and the only information seeping out are stories of officials in America’s small towns waking to find dozens of illegal immigrants huddled against downtown buildings with nowhere to go after being dumped by buses or brought in by aircraft. The illegals are dumped in towns in the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved.

How far would $617 million go toward resolving the homeless crisis in the United States where close to a million people are without shelter each night? It might not solve the problem but the money would go a long way toward easing it.


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