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By Thomas J. Edwards

Monday August 29, 2022

Spendthrift Mayor A Model Democrat

By Thomas J. Edwards — Commentary —

How far we have plunged into the financial and cultural abyss as a nation is aptly portrayed by the arrogance and political malfeasance of Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Jorge Elorza, who sets a national example of how Democrats, neo-liberals, and progressives-communists regard the working man as a tax-paying slave to government control. Elorza shows no regard for the hard working taxpayers of the United States who subsidize his wanton splurge of tax dollars.

Elorza, who bowed out of running for Rhode Island governor and is completing the second of two terms as mayor, has his eyes on national office and will use Black reparations and other forms of racial extortion and gimme free stuff schemes to carve a political niche for himself and strengthen his role as a political power broker in the interim. 

Instead of sensibly offering to preserve for a rainy day $10 million the city could find no way to spend for Wuhan Virus pandemic relief from the $1.1 billion the state received under the American Rescue Plan, Elorza wants to dole it out to sofa slugs and other gimmyists in the form of freebee welfare. After all, the Hispanic mayor hosts one of the principal immigrant freeloading cities in the USA, where 80 percent of the residents were born in another, principally Hispanic-oriented country, and where almost half the official population is Hispanic, not counting the hordes of illegals who flock to the city to gorge at the public trough.

Here’s what Elorza proposes: Providing thousands of dollars ransom to teach the city’s 13 percent Black population how best to spend money, give them home mortgages, and teach them a trade because they failed to learn self-reliance in school. The Elorza plan is designed to consider all Black residents as racial victims because some may have had distant ancestors held in slavery. 

In addition, Elorza wants to use $250,000 to pay lawyers —mutual aid because Elorza is an attorney —to defend city residents against evictions, dole out another $400,000 by giving cash handouts to Black and Native American residents (Native Americans make up two-tenths of one percent of the Providence population) who were displaced by urban renewal even though they have already received tax dollars for new homes and relocation expenses. 

And Elorza’s best welfare scheme of all: He wants a half million dollars to expand the “guaranteed income” program he devised to simply hand out wads of cash to “poor” families parked on their sofas with their palms outstretched, a fast becoming favorite vote-buying scam among Democrats. 

All this in a state quickly identifying as a Marxist ideological showcase, a state where, while efforts to enact a state sanctuary law are in limbo, they are very actively pursued. Regardless, Rhode Island is in every sense of the term a sanctuary state for illegal aliens and criminals. There are concerted efforts to give illegals taxpayer numbers. The state already refuses to work with federal immigrations officials to get rid of miscreants and other criminal aliens, as well as all illegals. 

It is home to two of the principal bastions of Marxist thought, Roger Williams University and Brown University, the incubator of collectivist indoctrination and alma mater of MSNBC’s primetime addle-brain Marxist Chris Hayes, and which is now host of the meanderings of avowed cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal who is serving a life sentence for the murder and whose self-promoting empathy inducing crusade has mesmerized hundreds of dim-witted enthusiasts on the left. 

So, keep your eyes on Mayor Jorge Elorza. Rhode Island’s Democrat US Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is getting up in age and his current third term ends in 2024. Whitehouse is not a swift thinker and he has risen about as far as he can in the Democrat Party, which is nowhere.That gives Elorza a couple of years to earn some big bucks as a showcase lawyer and set up a solid campaign apparatus. After all, he is a darling among Democrats who love to spend money, other people’s money. 


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