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By Thomas J. Edwards

Saturday June 5, 2021

Racist Bird Names, Slaver James Audubon, And More Culture Savage Fodder

By Thomas J. Edwards —

There are racist birds. At least there are birds tinged with the racist past of their “White” namers. And yes, there is an opinion scribe obsessed with chirping creatures at the Washington Post — to call the Post’s Darryl Fears a journalist would be to denigrate the journalism profession, or whatever is left of a once-honored professional discipline.

You see, Fears is a culture savage in the parlance of the latest campaign to destroy history and its cultural institutions in the name of collectivist ideology or what is now known as Marxism. Cultural savages are again on the prowl after an extended pandemic hiatus and this time they are seeking to exhume the dead and try them in the court of public opinion for daring to name birds.

Seems the Post’s self-anointed ornithologist who calls himself an environmental justice reporter dug deep into the Post’s port a-potty of social grievances and came up with a racist practice of naming birds, yes folks, giving birds a linguistic classification with racist overtones.

Fears, who at one time snared a Pulitzer Prize — a once sought after journalism award now reserved for and doled out by an exclusive circle of left wing radicals — is a Black reporter who focuses on racial grievance aspects of a story as environmental “justice” reporter.

James Audubon

Even the venerable James Audubon is in Fears’ gunsights. Notwithstanding the wealth of research and information Audubon bestowed on humanity about the small creatures, James Audubon once owned slaves and that alone makes the man completely evil and a target of culture savages for social and historical extinction.

Let’s not forget the respected National Audubon Society, now 115 years old. The Post set the stage for a protracted assault on anything Audubon by zeroing in on “The racist legacy many birds carry,” describing a new social debate “about the names of species connected to enslavers, supremacists and grave robbers.” It is difficult to get more inflammatory than that.

Of course, Fears fueled the flames by citing a Black ornithologist — Corina Newsome —who Fears says was hired by the Georgia Audubon nature reserve to “break down barriers.”

Fears wasted no time delving into his bag of grievance tropes to emerge with the “White” crutch, where all today’s social friction blame lies. Fears laments that many birds bear the names of people who, God forbid, fought for the Confederacy. That discovery by the culture savages has roiled “White” ornithologists who feel they are being prodded to change what the culture savages consider racist names of at least 150 birds.

Fears apparently ran out of words that made any sense about midway through his rant about the newest field of racism — White-named birds.


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