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By Thomas J. Edwards

Sunday July 10, 2022

Liz Cheney Is America’s New Hate Symbol

By Thomas J. Edwards — Commentary

Liz Cheney has become the national symbol of unbridled hatred and blind anger. Her hatred of President Donald Trump shows no bounds. You can almost see the hate drool oozing from the corners of her mouth, hate for the one individual who has become the permanent resident in her skull. 

Knowing she faces certain, and embarrassing, defeat in Wyoming’s August Republican primary contest to keep her congressional seat, Cheney is pulling out all stops to ensure Trump will never be president again while she still has a power base and national attention. She has become the face of the House January 6 Inquisition Committee’s effort to persecute Trump into oblivion. 

Adding to the continuing national agony over the false January 6 narrative created by radical Democrats is the menacing nature of Lz Cheney’s family, mainly her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney from whom she possesses her social and political prominence.  The Cheney family loathing of Donald Trump really got under way when Trump belittled Jeb Bush during the 2015 Republican presidential primary campaign. Trump opposed everything the Bush and Cheney teams represented — corporate globalism and the military industrial complex or keep wars percolating to bolster the economy and keep the peasants in check.

Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader vice president in the highly questionable administration of George W. Bush, and the globalist tyranny of the Bush political dynasty, color all of Liz Cheney’s moves against Trump. The stench of the Cheney-Halliburton-Iraq axis still reeks in the Cheney political camp. Liz Cheney’s political and personal demeanor— her vengeance, subterfuge, malevolent  creativity — is a chip off the old block. 

Lix Cheney’s climb to social and political prominence is based solely on the status achieved by daddy, not through any intellectual or leadership capabilities of her own. Before election to Congress with political boost from daddy, she was a political appointee to an experience-not-required plum post at the State Department with VP dad as her ultimate boss during the Bush administration. Even with a stint as a lawyer, Cheney’s only recognizable accomplishment not politically influenced was as a high school cheerleader. 

Liz Cheney has been roundly ostracized by the Republican Party in her home state, a state thoroughly in Trump’s corner, and she likely will never return after a humiliating rejection by voters. It makes little difference in Wyoming, The Cheney’s long ago abandoned the state for McLean, Virginia in all but name only. But by virtue of birth, Liz Cheney is unfortunately for the nation guaranteed a lifetime of social prominence if not political recognition.  


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