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By Thomas J. Edwards

Wednesday March 30, 2022

Ketanji Jackson Firmly In American Communism’s Embrace

By Thomas J. Edwards — Commentary —

American communism is about to get a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court and progressives (modern American parlance for communists) are pulling out all stops to quash any resistance to an opportunity more than a half century in the making. Even Sen. Joe Manchin, the Democrat from West Virginia, who we had come to think had a modicum of common sense even though he’s a neo-Democrat, has succumbed to the Marxist embrace and will vote to seat communist acolyte Ketanji Brown Jackson, a woman who cannot define what a woman is but favors child pornographers and baby murders. 

Every anti-individual freedom horror imaginable to the founders of the United States 246 years ago is coming to pass in the nomination of Ketanji Jackson to the high court, the latest, and close to the last hurdle, on the road to elimination of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in practice if not in name.

While all 50 Republicans in the Senate likely will vote against Jackson’s nomination, the betting now is that all 50 Democrats will vote in favor and Vice President Kamala Harris will provide the tie breaking vote. Unless, and it is a monumental unless at this point, at least one or maybe a few Democrats with backbone in the Truman-Kennedy tradition of true Democrat will step up to oppose a national tragedy in the making. 

Ketanji Jackson — her African-Indian origin first name (it is actually Ketanji Onyika Jackson) is the result of her parents’ wanting a Black-sounding name for her to show  ancestral pride — is one of the chosen few, meaning political elite , i.e. a successful lawyer who studied either at Harvard or Yale Law School, who was born into the exclusive political aristocracy of Washington, DC of parents who graduated from historically Black universities, whose father is an attorney and mother an educator. 

Thus, Ketanji Jackson, never having to want for anything, and a member of a privileged protected racial class, can afford to be a cultural Marxist and push the tyrannical ideology on not so privileged American commoners struggling to survive in a  universe of gimme more free stuff at the expense of the working stiffs. 

So we are about to blindly accept the edict of a clique of elite morons and bless the elevation of Ketanji Onyika to a supreme court once revered as an American institution standing above the political fray, a woman who claims to represent womanhood but can’t tell the difference between a woman and a man who fancies himself a woman and who wears a dress to camouflage his genitalia, a woman who falsely claims there is a right to abortion in the Constitution and who is indifferent to the humanity of the unborn, and a woman who rewards Black child pornographers with light sentences because they happen to be racial “bros.”

All this with Republican hypocrisy as an acquiescent backdrop, and as House Republicans hoist their champagne glasses above their foggy heads in a toast to a “Peace Through Strength” pablum slogan at a “policy” summit gala held in an expensive resort at Ponte Vedra Beach. It is their spring break taxpayer paid vacation at a luxury beach resort in Jacksonville, Florida away from the Ketanji Jackson mess where a room costs $600 a night but of course you can upgrade for an extra $200 at taxpayer expense if you want an ocean view.

And so it goes.


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