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By Thomas J. Edwards

Tuesday July 26, 2022

Ignorance And Stupidity The Fate Of Humankind

A Commentary By Thomas J. Edwards

Facebook, and similar social media, has been a blessing in one major way. It has illustrated the abject ignorance of the nuances of human existence. And within that vast panorama of ignorance is a massive sea of craven stupidity, lack of rational thought and the blind belief in the most recent utterances of likeminded people. 

Humankind was on the cusp of a new age with the advent of the Western Renaissance following the unveiling of the Magna Carta. The subsequent settlement of the North American continent originated a new moral principle, individual freedom to determine one’s own existence as a human right and moral value embedded in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

In ensuing decades following that freedom declaration, there were pitfalls and human tragedies — such as the horrors inflicted on indigenous peoples and the enslavement of human beings for economic progress — as man adjusted to the new freedoms. But humankind progressed and hit a peak in 1863 when the United States officially renounced enslavement of humans, setting a worldwide standard for humankind. 

Then Karl Marx emerged in Germany and issued Das Capital, his version and vision of the rights of man. Since that fateful year of 1867, despite all too brief flashes of the moral value and superiority of individual freedom, humankind has been on a gradual path of embracing the principles of Marx’s treatise of hate and new human enslavement in return for the illusory sense of economic and physical security. 

Today, as Facebook so profoundly illustrates, we are at the point of no return, where ignorance and stupidity surpass reason and rational thought. The resulting global turmoil may be insurmountable in any attempt to resurrect the principles of individual freedom and its concurrent self responsibility. 

This may be viewed by ideologically consumed critics as simplistic, but its truth is without question. 


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