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By Thomas J. Edwards

Monday September 27, 2021

Gabby Petito And The Morbid Quest To Raise Money

By Thomas J. Edwards — Commentary —

Holding true to former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s credo of “Never let a crisis go to waste,” radical feminists are capturing Gabby Petito’s murder as fuel to rake in the cash from Never let a tragedy go to waste mimicry.

Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death is tragic on many levels, a horror for her family, and a life in a cage for her former fiancé if he is in fact responsible for her murder. It is one horrific crime in a society and world of 331 million people and 7.8 billion people respectively, a country and world experiencing crime and horror minute by minute.

So on that scale, you would think Petito’s murder would be mourned and her attacker’s crime castigated and penalized and society would move on ever more cognizant and cautious of such acts.

Not so. Not when there is lots of money to be made, when the green dollar sound of the financial gravy train chugs into the hearing range of professional “fundraisers,” the engineers of “nonprofits” on the perpetual hunt for gullible donors to keep those nonprofit paychecks fat and happy. 

We even have a new come-on now, the White victim who is always the center of public attention in a crime of passion. Of course it only takes that one story in a major newspaper to trigger the avalanche of sorrow, usually written by a sob sister, in this instance by a reporter who claims her main talents are writing about sexism and racism.

So in a story about Petito written by said sob sister, we have a litany of grief topics fed by sexual and racial innuendo. The “violence” surrounding Petito’s murder captivated a public consumed by anguish said the story. That anguish only happened as a result of the incessant media drumbeats. The vacuous TV media led by CNN constantly pounded the tragedy into the skulls of viewers in between endless updates on COVID 19 and the travails of President Joe Biden at the hands of those evil Republicans and demonic Trump insurrectionists.

Those media drumbeats in turn fueled the tragedy incubators of the nonprofit social activists who need to keep tragedy fueled to raise more money. Said sob sister rushed to her Rolodex — oops, to her digitized contact list — to solicit the routine comments from the professional fundraisers needed to fuel the gravy train.

Let’s see, there was the phrase referring to so-called experts in gendered violence accusing the media for lacking context on the broader dynamics that make violence against women a pervasive social problem. That’s the code phrase — violence against women — that makes everything else work. 

Then we get the key phrase, again from unnamed “experts,” that violence only captures the media’s and public’s attention when the victim is a celebrity or “White.” This accusation is naturally followed by the assertion that domestic violence disproportionally impacts women of color, meaning that Black women are more often attacked by men than White women. That observation was included in a report crafted by a policy originating organization declaring expertise on violence so such a study would naturally reflect the organization’s purpose.

The sum of the said sob sister’s declarations is the media should take each case of domestic violence against women and create a national spectacle around it, notwithstanding the fact of frequent, more calculated violence against men by women. We only have to remember Lorena Bobbitt and the kitchen knife.


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