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Border Wall Needed Now Or We Lose As A Nation

By Richard S. Wisniach – Commentary California’s educational crisis is a microcosm of the country’s educational dilemma where indoctrination has replaced learning and the exercise of critical thought. A California teacher in a recent commentary sheds light on the crisis of illegal immigration and how our resistance to a border wall/security and other lack of […]

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Bureaucrat Spending Spree Drubs Taxpayers

By Thomas J. Edwards Federal bureaucrats have reached a peak of arrogance sufficient to be able to tell their bosses — U.S taxpayers — to go to hell. And that arrogance recently and intentionally wasted enough money on parties and extravagance to rejuvenate all of the country’s public housing, build the entire U.S-Mexico border wall, […]

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One More Triumph For Sharia Law USA

By Thomas J. Edwards Newly minted U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made it clear she would demand — that’s right, demand — that the House of Representatives obey Sharia Law by eliminating a centuries-old rule governing head coverings on the House floor with a goal of forcing a religious exemption to the rule. After all, […]

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