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Riot, Looting Solution At Hand, But…

By Thomas J. Edwards – There is a solution to bring riot and looting to an immediate halt. But collateral fallout, while harmless, makes its use highly selective. It was devised by the Israelis more than a decade ago as an extremely effective and physically harmless method to disperse crowds and force participants to carefully […]

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Teachers Reject Education Achievement As Policy

By Thomas J. Edwards – With no fanfare or media coverage, the radical left National Education Association decides the nation’s education goal will not be student learning/academic achievement, but rather will continue to focus on higher teacher pay, greater partisan political activity, more vacation days, and enhanced job protection for inept teachers. That’s the strategy […]

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Racism Is Camouflage For Ideology

By Thomas J. Edwards – Analysis/Opinion – We are fast becoming a nation transfixed by the term “racism.” The tactic of the radical left — liberal Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, and all of their sub-ideologues — is to label anyone racist who fails to, or refuses to, subscribe to their lockstep ideological beliefs, which is that […]

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