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By Thomas J. Edwards

Saturday July 3, 2021

Biden’s New Buzzword To Scare Americans: White Supremacy Terrorists

American Stasi Rises To Fight White Supremacy Boogeyman

By Thomas J. Edwards — Perspective —

Stasi! Remember the word. It has come to America to stalk us.

If you ever drive through Fort Meade, Maryland Army Base, you likely will notice a large black cube building jutting out of the ground. It is well guarded, surrounded by what may be the most deceptively secure military base in the United States regardless of the relaxed sense one gets in a drive-through of the base. Make one wrong turn and find out.

That black cube structure, resembling the Kaaba or point of Muslim worship in Mecca, is the headquarters of the National Security Agency, a fairly innocuous government title. Don’t be fooled. The NSA is the most exacting spy agency on the planet, commissioned to guard America from anything hostile originating out of any country. The NSA dwarfs the Central Intelligence Agency in power. And its resemblance to the Kaaba is not lost — Muslims slavishly bow to the power of the Kaaba, said to be built by Abraham and Ishmael to worship God and to which every Muslim on the planet faces during prayer five times a day.

That is the type of reverence accorded the NSA where there has been a massive operational change. NSA has broken free of its congress=mandated operating restrictions in the last decade, from the advent of the Barack Obama presidential administration in 2009, to spy heavily on US citizens. Congress, at least those who were aware, looked the other way.The change came about as a result of Obama’s power paranoia and with the technological advances in communications, particularly cell-phone technology. That technology allows the NSA to gingerly sidestep US law in a perverse way.

If the NSA wants to listen in on your cell-phone conversations, a practice banned on US phone conversations but allowed on foreign soil, NSA technology can reroute your cell-phone signal through, let’s say, Singapore. That’s foreign soil, giving the NSA carte blanche authority to monitor your conversation.

American Stasi

With the beginning of the new Biden-Harris scare campaign against what leftist political activists and anarchists consider the evil of white supremacy, the NSA has become the American Stasi. There’s that evil, nasty term again, And it is evil. Go back 30 plus years and look at the East German Staatssicherheitsdienst or Ministry of State Security, commonly know as Stasi. The secret police organization had the reputation as the most all consuming, cruelest and ruthless spy network on the planet during the 40 years of its existence.

The American radical left, the NSA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Justice Department (DOJ), and the FBI have all adopted most of the elements of the Stasi playbook. One of the Stasi’s main responsibilities was spying on its own population, primarily through a vast network of citizens turned informants. One in every 30 East German citizens was a Stasi informer. It fought any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents called Zersetzung.

If you doubt the reach of the NSA, look no farther than the recent revelations of Fox news analyst Tucker Carlson, who maintains the NSA is eavesdropping on his phone conversations, an accusation he says is backed by an authoritative source. Carlson’s accusation is very plausible. His analysis of government subterfuge is mostly on target, a worrisome prospect for a government administration wanting to keep its power maneuvers well under the public radar.

That brings the specter of white supremacy to the forefront. What better camouflage than the flagellation of the straight White man, the racial boogeyman Obama elevated to ideological center stage when he upended racial conciliation in favor of enduring racial conflict as a method of increasing government power. White men, and conservative straight White women, are the social oppressors of mankind according to Black power doctrine.

By focusing on “White supremacy terrorism” as the primary evil facing the United States and western civilization, and drum beating the issue into the nation’s consciousness at every turn to provide cover for the stealth and often illegal methods to attain its socialist goal, the Biden-Harris administration is pulling out all stops to prevent any resistance to its implementation of the Obama legacy — national socialism. The American left, with full compliance of the Justice and Homeland Security departments, is applying the Stasi Zersetzung philosophy with a vengeance.

Rush To Judge

Let’s look at one recent example of Stasi Zersetzung, the firing of a Norfolk, Virginal police officer for daring to use his real identity to donate $25 to the teenage boy who shot three leftist thugs in self protection during race riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. The youth had been protecting businesses from looting. That is only one instance of reputation, relationship and career sabotage, physical and mental intimidation, social shame, blackmail and any other form of Zersetzung (disintegration or corrosion) that can be devised. Activists collect school, medical and criminal records, drumbeat relatives and neighbors for information and collect any other “evidence” they can use to destabilize and delegitimize anyone who threatens their goals.

Which brings to the forefront the prospect of a possible rush effort to achieve some goal the American public is not suspecting or expecting. The White supremacy crescendo reached new heights in June. How and why so suddenly? Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland teamed up before Congress just days before the July 4 celebration to lash out at White supremacy. Mayorkas, the leftist radical reject from his own Cuban refugee Florida community, and Garland, the radical left judicial activist who nearly landed a US Supreme Court seat. Both are ardent Obama acolytes.

Within two days of the congressional appearance, Mayorkas issued a “perfect storm” warning of possible violent White supremacist activity over the July 4 holiday weekend, contending there was sufficient social media and internet chatter to arrive at that conclusion, even though no one else heard such chatter. That is unless igniting fireworks and BBQ grills constitute violence in the eyes of leftists. When confronted to produce some substance to back the report of a perfect storm, the DHS yanked the warning and declined comment. Why the propane approach to fuel nonexistent flames?

Is the American left getting impatient following the interruption of its 100-year plan to have socialism-communism firmly in place by 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, which the American left enthusiastically embraced at the time as the utopian solution to the world’s ills. Barack Obama was the left’s Manchurian candidate to complete the final steps to socialism. He succeeded by locking government-controlled healthcare and housing in place, and increasing reliance on government-controlled food distribution, the three main elements to control a population. A President Hillary Clinton was supposed to finish the job with Obama guiding her but Donald Trump upset the plan with a four-year delay.

Yes, the American left is impatient but why the sudden hurry? What ideological locomotive is headed toward us at full speed?


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