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By Thomas J. Edwards

Friday June 25, 2021

Attorney General Merrick Garland, A Devouring Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

By Thomas J. Edwards — Commentary —

A nation’s huge debt of gratitude is owed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who when the Kentucky Republican was Majority Leader in 2016, nixed President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to sit on the US Supreme Court. McConnell obviously had deep insight into what the United States legal system would suffer if Garland was allowed to become a justice.

Set aside his actions as a judge on the US District of Columbia Court of Appeals, Garland’s real colors as a radical social activist have come to light as attorney general in the Biden administration. His active advocacy for the corrupt voting rights legislation eliminates any claim of impartiality he may have professed since being confirmed as attorney general of all the people.

Garland’s latest breech of basic human values is his order to sue the state of Georgia over its recent adoption of new election rules designed to curtail fraud and political corruption. Garland, whose radical left social activism was only suspect when Obama chose him for the open high court seat, shows his full political colors as US attorney general by embracing the far left’s definition of qualified voter as a person whose only requirement to vote is to be breathing at the time the vote is cast, and one who only needs to swear eligibility to vote rather than proving identity.

Garland’s political enforcer, extreme radical Civil Rights Chief Kristen Clarke, mounts the case against Georgia claiming the new law inhibits the Black population’s right to vote by requiring voter identification and restricting the number of days to vote. Clarke will attempt to show that Blacks are less likely to make the effort to obtain photo identification cards than other races or ethnic groups.


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