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By Thomas J. Edwards

Saturday August 21, 2021

Apple News Reflects Apple’s Gradual Downslide

By Thomas J. Edwards — Analysis —

Did Steve Jobs deliberately in a macabre sort of way appoint Tim Cook as his successor? It is out of place for a perfectionist like Jobs to select someone as professionally inept as Cook to lead unless Jobs wanted Apple to lose is luster as a way of showing that no one could equal his stature as an American icon. 

Have an iPhone? Ever go to the Apple News App? If you haven’t, give it a try. If you have, you know where I’m going. Apple News is a Cook creation and is rotten to the core. It is difficult to recall, even in this era of mindless and corrupt new presentation, any one effort to present news of the day offering so much horsetucky. Apple News’ so-called “journalists” apparently have a restricted agenda from Apple honchos to present the narrowest and mushiest of a day’s news.

Apple selecting what is news is a hearty laugh to begin with. Apple News reflects the now dismal portrait of a corporation that once was the pinnacle of excellence under Jobs. When Jobs was ousted as top executive by his own inner circle in the 1990s, the company quickly declined to where its stock late in the decade was worth little more than penny stock.

When Jobs was begged to come back, the stock soared as the company prospered under a return to excellence. Its products became unequalled in the market place. Then Jobs became iii and died. Jobs’ legacy would not be surpassed by his selection of Cook to lead Apple in the Twenty-first Century. 

Jobs could not have chosen anyone more unsuitable for leadership and innovation. Cook is more interested in radical political doctrine than ensuring Apple continues at the peak of craftsmanship. A radical left wing gay activist, Cook appears more concerned about the leftist narrative of the day than preserving Apple’s quality.

Since Cook assumed command, Apple products have deteriorated in quality. Problems with products are multiplying at a rapid rate. Apple news aptly reflects the overall dismal pall hovering over the tech giant. The selection of stories amount to so much pap, porridge and pablum. 

Apple News simply mirrors its leader and the company’s politically correct direction. But it poses a danger. Readers not discerning of manipulated truths and propaganda accept the manufactured news Apple assembles. That deliberate thrust of ignorance is a threat to sustaining the spirit of a free country dependent on the integrity of a press responsible for monitoring its governmental mechanisms.


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