Trump Blew Debate Big Time

By Thomas J. EdwardsAnalysis.

President Trump had the opportunity to make former Vice President Joe Biden look weak and confused. He failed miserably. Instead, Trump came on looking like a bull in a china shop, grimacing, red-faced, veins bulging, neck looking like it would burst out of his collar. That made Biden look all the more collected and presidential.

Trump’s aides — we can’t call them handlers here — should have prepped him to be condescending when the opportunities presented themselves. bordering on ridicule when the situation called for it, sarcastic rather than blustering to get his point across. Instead, Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut at the proper times, much to his detriment.

Sure, Trump has suffered three and a half years of assault after assault on his character from Biden and his Democrat ilk. But politics is the art of the moment and people remember you best from your most recent actions. Trump is a proud man and his pride has been senselessly punctured and slashed time and time again by hate-mongers. That should have translated into strength for Trump. But the opposite happened. Trump let his anger get the best of him.

The result: As discombobulated as Biden is, his even temper made Trump look like a bully. Even when the subject turned to his son’s shenanigans, Biden held his anger in check and made Trump look like a rambling fool.

In civilized surroundings where self-discipline rules over savagery and thuggery, ridicule always wins out in a debate or argument rather than bluster and anger. Trump’s aides should stage an intervention and somehow impress that on him.

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