By Thomas J. Edwards – Commentary –

Are we as a nation being sucked into a propaganda vortex by a minority mob intent on overthrowing the government as Vladimir Lenin and his mob of students and the socially alienated did in Russia in 1917? The answer is a resounding Yes!. We are on the same trajectory of destruction from within by a calculated undermining of the common language — English –and by the subversion of our cultural institutions and academic excellence by a 200-year sweep of history from Karl Marx to Vladimir Lenin to Saul Alinsky to Osama Bin Laden, to Barack Obama.

The wanton destruction and vandalism of the monuments of our history is a deliberate and determined major step in the strategy of the left. First it was the cautious and deliberate growth of the social welfare system, embedding it in the nation’s consciousness deep enough to thwart opposition to unravel it, culminating with the arbitrary imposition of Obamacare in 2010. Then came the indoctrination of youth in the academic setting, beginning in earnest in the early 1990s with the major shift in education perspectives on the Toronto model. That was followed on a parallel course by the subjugation of free speech, first in the school settings and then universally, making opposition speech hate speech. Then the destruction of history we are now experiencing. Obliterate the monuments and eliminate a primary fuel for historical debate.

Brute Force Statism

Karl Marx developed the philosophy of total government rule before the mid-19th Century. Lenin and Josef Stalin took that philosophy to the street level through brute force over a populace grown lethargic under Czarist rule and they developed it into an ideology. Stalin then began his mass slaughter of the thinkers. Around the same time, Adolf Hitler, while spurning Marxist ideology in favor of state capitalism, took the human race to a new level of horror, the industrialization of murder — assembly-line slaughter of an entire ethic group and others he arbitrarily considered unworthy of life.

Mao Zedong took the strategy to the next level with his takeover of China in 1949 and the initiation of the 10 year Cultural Revolution in 1956 that erased the nation’s memory and its intelligentsia, murdering millions in the process — 50 million people by conservative estimates. Pol Pot showed the world how mass murder could be conducted on a low budget when he called out the children of Cambodia in 1975 to kill their parents and the thinking class, a loss of nearly three million people over two years in the country’s agricultural fields.

Then, in the early 1990’s, radical Islamists, in a corruption of their faith, introduced the plan to perfect social terrorism in their quest to eventually install a worldwide Caliphate under Islamic law. That campaign reached its zenith in the assault on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon in September 2001. The Islamic State then undertook to instill terror in the everyday lives of the world’s citizenry.

Three years later, a heretofore unknown man burst on the scene with a questionable and somewhat sinister and foggy past. Barack Obama captivated a terror-weary country with a dynamic speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, an address that effectively neutered the Democrat candidate that year, John Kerry, and later his erstwhile running mate, John Edwards, whose bedroom antics while his loyal wife was dying of cancer consigned him to the pantheons of the rejected and forgotten.

The Perceived Messiah

Obama became the light, the political messiah destined to help heal the wounds of a nation embroiled in racial turmoil that was supposed to have been resolved at the Emancipation of 1863-1865, then by Reconstruction, then by the Civil Rights campaign of the 1950s-1960s and the laws that resulted. But the laws and rules set in place to ease the racial and cultural divide were no match for the emerging race hustlers and pimps, some using the afterglow of the aura of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to propel their messages of hate, intent on keeping racism and its hateful tentacles active to further their power and pocketbooks — keep the hate percolating and the financial gravy train will keep rolling.

We would like to think that Obama entered office in 2009 with good intentions for the country but the ensuing eight years belied those thoughts. As activities at the depths of the Obama presidency slowly emerge, we are loath to admit that we were duped, that Obama grasped the levers of power fully imbued with the power seizure principles of Saul Alinsky and the personal teachings and mentoring of his father figure, the avowed Marxist-Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Farewell To Freedom

Yes, we would like to think that Obama had good intentions for the country but was undermined by those around him. But all the evidence now surfacing shows Obama’s philosophical, ideological, and power trajectory was right on target from the beginning and he left the United States in a vulnerable position for tyranny.

We have relaxed and have been mesmerized, by economic largesse, by being the most prosperous nation on the planet, and we allowed the universal social welfare cancer to metastasize into the body politic to where it may be too late to reverse course. The destruction of our history and the monuments that give it life — good or bad — are wearing us down. Next is corruption of the vote and the left has made major inroads into the perfection of voting fraud.

As Alinsky so aptly taught, keep the nation off balance by slamming it with social conflict from different directions. That is what is now happening, what has been happening for the past three and a half years. We are likely inviting a new form of slavery by government. We are certainly expressing our farewell to freedom.

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