Pelosi Seeks More Money To Slaughter More Babies

By Thomas J. Edwards–

Planned Parenthood is now killing an average of 125 babies per hour in an eight-hour, seven-day work week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she intends to pack the next supplemental appropriations bill with a demand for millions more dollars to help the organization speed-up its abortion program.

The bill, on its face designed to ease the financial impact of the Wuhan Virus Pandemic effects on the average American, is viewed by Democrats as the ideal legislative vehicle to pack with every social program enhancement on their wish list. Why, who is going to object to a helping hand for beleaguered citizens locked up in their houses for protection against a nano-size killer?

The Planned Parenthood baby butcher rate is of no concern to Pelosi and Democrat-Progressives who, in a fit of pretzel logic, view abortions as “life sustaining.” Ask Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D). She made “life sustaining” an open declaration and new moral value for the political left when discussing abortions..

Of course, Pelosi is making the gesture because Planned Parenthood needs extra money to keep pace with increasing abortion requests. The latest figures available show Planned Parenthood, which controls about 40% of the infanticide in America, killed 345,672 babies during its October 2017 to September 2018 administrative year, more abortions than the organization has ever recorded in a spending year.

How does Planned Parenthood manage to harvest babies at a rate of nearly 1,000 a day? Well, money including the annual infusion of our tax dollars operators receive — $616,8 million in the latest cycle — and donations in addition to abortion revenues, the baby-killing assembly line operation has the resources to operate more than 600 well-stocked clinics and regional hubs around the country. Those “efficiencies” allowed Planned Parenthood to kill about 12,000 more babies in 2017-2018 than the year before. And the addition of older babies also fed the increase.

Those abortions earned Planned Parenthood $1.6 billion in revenues in that spending cycle, in addition to the tax dollar infusion and private donations. Now, we know that federal law bars Planned Parenthood from using any of those tax dollars to perform abortions. Taxes are supposed to be used for such things as testing and treatment services, adoption referrals, sex education, and contraception services.

So the Planned Parenthood bean counters have to be exceptionally adept at financial sleight-of-hand techniques to design smoke-and-mirrors budgeting to show no mingling of tax dollars.

That means Pelosi and her Democrat cadres are on politically safe ground seeking to bolster Planned Parenthood’s strategy for more copious and streamlined killings.

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