China Involved In Massive Virus Coverup Of Patient Zero

By Thomas J. Edwards –

Whatever happened to Patient Zero of the Wuhan coronavirus, the 55-year-old resident of East- Central China’s Hubei Province? That person — China has never identified that first victim and we don’t know the gender or fate of the victim — has evaporated. And that person holds the key to what happened to trigger a world-wide pandemic killing tens of thousands of victims, a pathogen-borne killing spree pointing directly at a small cadre of Chinese political leaders.

It is becoming increasingly apparent as tidbits of information seep out that China is desperately trying to conceal its role in unleashing the deadly COVID 19 virus on the planet. When the data is connected by timetable and geographical dots and is analyzed, it is unlikely that the pathogen originated in a Chinese wet market where a variety of animals, including exotic creatures, are slaughtered for their meat and where Chinese officialdom would like the world to believe the virus emerged.

Let’s take a close look at how this unfolded and why Chinese Communist officials are so vigorously trying to blame the United States for the emergence of the Wuhan virus. And why the virus is wreaking havoc on the world’s economies. And also why China complained so loudly through its surrogates that it was blatantly unfair and racist to label the new plague the Wuhan Virus Pandemic, thereby placing the onus on China — prompting China apologist World Health Organization to adopt the COVID 19 label so quickly to help mask the origin.

Suspicious Help Wanted Ad

Everything began to unfold on November 17, 2019 when public health officials in Wuhan, China reported that the 55-year-old person was carrying a previously unknown and deadly virus (Wuhan is the Hubei provincial capital).

One day later, on November 18, the Wuhan Institute of Virology — part of China’s biological warfare research center– posted an urgent job wanted notice online seeking an expert in bat pathogens. The institute, an arm of the Chinese Academy of Sciences — supervised under the careful watch of the Chinese Intelligence Services, operates under the auspices of the new Wuhan National Bio-Safety Laboratory, part of the vast Wuhan University complex. The ad was written in a way that conveyed a message of urgency, that a horrific new virus has been discovered and researchers were needed to help deal with it.

The laboratory is the first and only Level 4 biological containment facility in China, comparable to the U.S. Army’s Level 4 biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. The United States has five Level 4 containment laboratories — the highest level of protection necessary to study the world’s most dangerous infectious agents — including the principal center at Fort Detrick, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Boston University, University of Texas in Galveston, and the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton Montana, There is only one privately owned BSL-4 lab, the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. All BSL-4 level research is conducted in every country only under government contract and supervision.

Virus Lab Called Dangerous

The Wuhan National Bio-Safety Laboratory was built in 2015. In 2017 scientists warned China’s leadership that dangerous pathogens could escape the Wuhan laboratory because its narrow social hierarchy prevents free expression among the lab staff and that lack of such expression could lead to personal error.

Was such an error responsible for the release of the COVID 19 pathogen? And was a growing multi-country investigation along parallel lines a trigger for containment laxity at the Wuhan Virology Institute (WVI). You might recall that a Chinese agent, her husband, and several Chinese students were removed from Canada’s only Level-4 lab in Winnipeg in July 2019 nearly four months after Canadian police intercepted a shipment of exceptionally virulent viruses stolen from the Winnipeg lab and sent to China. Canadian bio-warfare experts determined the viruses were to be used for bio-weapon research.

All indications are now that China’s unofficial version of the pandemic’s origin, that someone ate bat soup at the Wuhan Seafood & Animal (Wet) Market, is a fabricated farce.

Everything centers now on a bat virus, particularly on an obscure coronavirus incubated in the Horseshoe Bats of Yunnan Province. Yunnan Province is nearly 1,000 miles from Hubei Province where the Wuhan virus surfaced, making it unlikely the virus emerged in Wuhan by accident. One of the WVI’s central studies is bat virology. Dr. Pemg Zhou leads the Bat Virus Infection & Immunization Group at WVI and he is one of the world’s leading researchers on bat viruses and immune mechanisms and how bats carry viruses without becoming sick.

Virus Distribution By Aerosols

The WVI and its contract laboratories also study and try to perfect aerosol distribution of pathogens by genetically altering a virus to adapt to gas propellants. One of the principal laboratories in Wuhan is WuXi PharmaTech, a private corporation with a CEO and board of direction registered in the Cayman Islands. That allows WuXi to extend its corporate reach by purchasing research corporations around the planet to snare their research patents, particularly when they apply to ongoing Chinese research. For Example, in 2006, WuXi bought AppTec Laboratory Services in St. Paul, MN and added the medical device and biologics testing lab to its growing stable of worldwide firms.

In an intriguing side note: When WuXI PharmaTech announced in 2010 it would build a $100 million lab in Wuhan, it drew the attention of Hungarian-American investor and financial manipulator George Soros, whose Soros Management Fund purchased a quarter-million shares in the company ( It is unknown if Soros continues to own WuXi stock.

By December 15, Chinese officials were in a quandary dealing with a cluster of virus victims — from November 17 to December 14, 27 cases developed. Virus transmission then exploded and by December 31 Chinese leaders were in enough of a panic to find it necessary to notify the World Health Organization of a “mystery pneumonia” erupting in the country.

U.S. Intel Picks Up Murmurs

U.S. intelligence services began picking up whispers of a new genie escaping from a bottle in China but that country’s camouflage efforts kept in successfully under wraps until January when the China-friendly WHO chief could no longer mask the exploding emergency. Even then, the emerging catastrophe was minimized as much as possible, until the first U.S. case emerged in Seattle, WA January 18 when a Chinese national entered an urgent-care clinic in a Seattle suburb. The 35-year-old man, who was never identified and who eventually recovered, had returned from visiting family in Wuhan.

The epidemic took off from there and by January 31 had become pervasive enough for President Donald Trump to stop all airline traffic to and from China. Only Americans and Chinese-American citizens were allowed to complete their travels. But that was enough to cause the epidemic to surge, particularly from the high-density Chinese population centers in Seattle, New York City, and Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

China’s resolve to cover up the story behind the Wuhan virus emergence prompted the country’;s highest officials to expel American and other journalists investigating the pandemic while successfully quashing internal coverage and completely snuffing out the press except for Communist Party house journals favorable to the regime. Despite the friction between the White House and U.S. press, Trump pulled out all stops to halt the expulsion of reporters from among his chief antagonists, the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, all to no avail.

Patient Zero Still The Key

Meanwhile, by February 4, the Chinese had determined that the prescription drugs Remdesivir and Chloroquine are highly effective in controlling the new virus, labeled COVID 19 by the WHO one week later. By then the Wuhan virus was making quick progression in the United States. But this county was so consumed by presidential impeachment — from September 2019 through February 5 when the Senate rejected the effort by Democrats — that the cure finding and revelation, published in the journal Cell Research February 4 ( escaped attention here.

When the finding was finally recognized here, its use universally was quashed by the howls from the country’s Democrat leadership because its use had been boosted by Trump. They accused the president of somehow financially benefiting from it.. That partisan resistance to use of the drugs continues to crimp the nation’s assault on the epidemic, even while its use in other countries is meeting with great success.

All which leads back to COVID 19 patient zero. The name Huang Yanling had surfaced in China, prompting WVI officials to hurriedly deny that the woman was one of their researchers. WVI says Huang was an institute graduate in 2015 and left Hubei province at that time in good health. Yet there is nothing to indicate any research by Huang since 2015 ( There is no information about her age at the time of graduation, and there is no trace of her since then.

Where is 55-year-old Patient Zero?

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  1. Carol Biesiadecki

    I also wonder where patient zero is??? You knew this from the beginning and now they finally figured out where
    it started, give me a break………………..

  2. Richard Wisniach

    AS always “Eye On Why” is ahead of the curve and way, way in front of the story. You filled me in on this one and a half weeks ago, and we discussed this; you were weeks ahead of the News and politicians that are NOW, … just now, beginning to talk about this. Peeling back the layers of the onion that no one wanted to discuss. “Eye On Why” and who ever you’re deep sources are have increased your credibility for me personally. Thanks you for this most comprehensive and timely outing of China, the Democrats and the lying, evil forces conspiring to bury the truth and facts for their own agenda of power and control, whatever the means!


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