Soros Steps Up Crusade To Undermine Nation’s Laws

By Thomas J. Edwards

Hungarian emigre George Soros, rejected in his own country, has been given red carpet treatment to subvert the rule of law spelled out in the United States Constitution.

The multibillionaire, who successfully sabotaged currencies of other nations to acquire his fortune, operates unfettered from his suburban New York City mansion as a naturalized U.S. citizen to openly help stir social and racial turmoil across the country. That after publicly acknowledging that, as a teen without scruples, he helped Nazis seize belongings of fellow Jews when they were arrested and sent to concentration camps and certain death.

Why has George Soros been given an official pass as he tries so fiercely to destroy the USA as the only firm bastion of constitutional individual freedom to pursue one’s place in life? His money! A hedge fund operator — his Quantum Fund is based off-shore and its funding is obscured — Soros’ financial manipulations can affect the fate of national economies and their currencies as well as social activist agendas.

Soros is likely the most dangerous person in this country today and one of the most dangerous people on the planet and few have had the courage to lift a hand in protest. Sure, there are whispered protests but Soros’ apologists are quick to mute them.

Why No Challenge?

Why? His misdeeds are well documented. How? Soros has the financial wherewithal to seduce the greed in human beings. He has the money to buy people to do his bidding, largely like-minded people. His billions earn more billions and Soros continually spreads the financial largesse like strawberry jam on peanut butter across any strategy designed to create social turmoil and unrest.

Soros’ billions have helped finance a multitude of radical leftwing causes, particularly in the past decade, that have created tumult and left the USA reeling. Yet he has managed to keep the arm of the law at a distance by stepping back from active involvement and letting his money to the work. That money buys an army of loyalists, apologists who use an array of tactics to suppress critics and cary out his orders.

More on Soros’ broad influence later. The focus now should be on his success at poisoning the rule of law by distorting the legal system with a new breed of store-bought prosecutors.

Since the debacles created by former President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder over the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings by a wannabe cop in Florida (2012) and a white cop in self-defense in Missouri (2014), Soros has been hell bent on installing prosecutors intent on distorting the law.

The Obama Factor

Obama and Holder initiated the campaign to undermine the nation’s police by portraying them as ogres and Soros took the tactic as a cue to warp and reshape the American justice system, a strategy taken directly from the play-books of authoritarians — progressives, socialists, communists.

Heading up to the 2016 elections, Soros channeled more than $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states –Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. Soros’ “Safety & Justice” groups were successful in four out of the seven races — two in Mississippi, one in New Mexico, and one in Louisiana. By embracing the core precept of the Obama administration — you recall that Obama freed hundreds of drug offenders from prisons — they have abandoned focus on low-level drug offenders, the primary physical and financial fuel for the Mexican drug cartels and the continued flow of cash to keep thuggery in place in nation’s ghettoes..

Working on the success of the 2016 elections, Soros began a broader national push in 2018 into local prosecutor campaigns and he reaped a major prize — the election of a prosecutor in Philadelphia with no experience and every intention of destabilizing the city’s justice system. By all accounts Larry Krasner has done just that.

The 2018 elections were a boon for Soros’ involvement. Soros won 13 out of the 15 races he showered with money. Two key district attorney races dominated eastern North Carolina where radical black Soros-financed prosecutor candidates prevailed with promises to relax law enforcement. A major loss in the San Diego, CA race — his candidate lost by a wide margin– was more than offset in the Philadelphia race.

Philadelphia Fiasco

Larry Krasner, a defense lawyer who boasted he had built a career making himself unelectable, including suing the Philadelphia police department more than 75 times, received $1.7 million from Soros and won in a landslide. Within days of the election, Krasner had fired dozens of prosecutors mainly involved in murder cases, drug enforcement and civil asset forfeiture. City judges said Krasner’s move made shambles of the legal system.

Lack of law enforcement by Krasner has become so critical it has evoked a harsh response from U.S. Attorney William McSwain who accused Krasner’s policies of generating a deep disrespect of the city’s police. McSwain says Krasner routinely calls police and prosecutors corrupt and racist, even “war criminals” that he compares to Nazis.

Soros’ forces have geared up for a massive campaign for the 2020 elections and there appears to be no roadblocks in his way. His interference in U.S. politics and elections first emerged during the Clinton administration in the mid-1990s and it has been steady and growing since then. It is reported Soros spent more than $27 million in 2004 to defeat President George W, Bush.

There are apparently no legal or political bounds to hinder Soros’ goal of complete destruction of the United States as a bastion of constitutional law and individual freedom. He has free rein.

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