Teachers Reject Education Achievement As Policy

By Thomas J. Edwards –

With no fanfare or media coverage, the radical left National Education Association decides the nation’s education goal will not be student learning/academic achievement, but rather will continue to focus on higher teacher pay, greater partisan political activity, more vacation days, and enhanced job protection for inept teachers.

That’s the strategy overwhelmingly adopted by the NEA, the country’s largest teachers union at its annual convention in Houston, Texas. The 6,000 delegates mulled 160 new business proposals but the most important, a rededication to increased student learning — a policy abandoned in the 1990s, was handily defeated.

The vote, held in a closed-door session to prevent reporters and outsiders from hearing pointless debate, comes at a time when public education in the United States is at its lowest ebb in history where many high school graduates are unable to read, write, or barely formulate a simple sentence verbally.

At least one of the thousands of teachers at the gathering thought learning rather than indoctrination was important enough to be placed high on the list of proposals — the New Business Item was Number 2 on the list — but the majority flatly rejected the idea of work.

The proposal pledged the NEA to “rededicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning in every public school in America.” The proposal stipulated that the “NEA will make student learning the priority of the Association,” adding that every NEA program should be evaluated by asking “How does the proposed action promote the development of students as lifelong reflective learners?”

Apparently few teacher delegates were capable of understanding such complex language and it was voted down so the teachers could focus on what they considered more important proposals, such as unanimous support for:

  • The fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade,
  • Support of the Black Lives Matter movement,
  • Support of reparations for slave descendants,
  • Demand President Trump to admit destabilizing Central American countries,
  • Helping with the 2020 Census on school time,
  • Focus on white supremacy culture (White Fragility) in NEA professional development.

Breakout sessions — where teachers are supposed to learn new teaching techniques — were just as superfluous. Not one session was devoted to instruction and curriculum. Instead, the 11-day agenda included sessions on Women’s Issues, Ethnic & Minority Affairs, New Member Indoctrination, Racial & Social Justice, and Fundraising.

The highlight of the convention: the appearance of 10 of the 20 some Democrat presidential hopefuls groveling for votes from the 3-million member union.

And why didn’t you see any media coverage other than the political convergence? The snowflake mainstream media did not consider it excitingly newsworthy.

Information: See the NEA agenda at: https://ra.nea.org/agenda/

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