Jihad Squad Scary Portrait Of New Gimmeism Ideology

By ThomasJ. Edwards

Picture an army of locust-like lemmings devouring everything in their path to create and share misery on an entire population. That scheme is descending on the United States today and the forces equipped to stop it have been largely neutralized by political correctness.

The threat: Gimmes, the new socialists intent on forcing the working population to surrender much of their earnings to support those who refuse to work and sustain themselves. Gimmeism is a progression from the era of New Age Hippies, those who chose small collectives within the larger geopolitical framework. Millennial Gimmes and their ideological counterparts opt for the larger collective or political slave state — government — to plan their lives.

They are by far the Millennials whose minds have been smartphoned over the past three decades into a gelatinous goo who have been indoctrinated to believe that every human need — food, drink, healthcare, housing, transportation, etc. — is a human right that must be satisfied by a higher authority, i.e., the elite, the rulers, the government.

Gimmes were the undisputed victors in the national mid-term elections of 2018 and the nation largely slept through the phenomenon or tacitly embraced it. It’s not the political and ideological split in those elections that matters, it is what underlies the success of the radical left’s insurgency that counts. And make no mistake, the radical left triumphed and by doing so certified the age of Gimmeism.

The Jihad Squad — the four congressional Jennies who became the loudest proponents of Gimmeism by their arrogance and hatred of individual freedom and initiative — has instilled a sense of edginess in the half of the country that still reveres individual freedom and the nation’s founding documents that are its laws.

But it may be too late despite the efforts of President Donald Trump to stem the 100-year tide of socialism-communism and reverse the course toward that end firmly laid down in the eight years of the Obama administration.

Believe it or not, the actions of Barack Obama from the day he entered office on Jan. 20. 2009 are testament to his goal of instilling the precepts of Marxism-Leninism into the governing principles of the United States. Obama used the strategies laid down by his ideological and political mentors to accomplish his goals — Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed member of the Communist Party USA and Obama’s father-figure.

The Jihad Squad Jennies are the personification of the Obama tactics taken to a higher level. There are some moderate Democrats in the current crop of lawmakers but the old guard race baiters and poverty pimps run the show, now fronted by the loudest and most obnoxious among the new guard. The Gimmes setting the agenda and their success in coming months and years depends on the amount of acceptance they receive. That embrace will determine the future of this country.

Those rabid leftwing Gimmes who attained power by deception in 2018 are only the vanguard of a legion of like-minded radicals poised to seize power in coming years, on school boards, city councils, state legislatures, and federal elective offices, the Stacey Abrams, Beto O’Roarkes, Peter Buttigiegs, and Bill de Blasios.

The overwhelming adulation of old-guard Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the 2016 general elections and the raves accompanying the wins of the Jihad Squad Jennies and their fellow traveler Gimmes two years later is only the tip of a revolutionary volcano erupting across the country akin to the like-minded movement now casting a grave shadow over Europe. One only has to take note of ANTIFA, a revolutionary terrorist organization created in Europe almost 100 years that now has captured the imagination of domestic revolutionaries and cowed opponents into submission.

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