Cummings Critique Was Sure Bet To Be Called ‘Racism’

Reaction was a certainty. The only question was who would be first out of the box to fling the epithet of “racism” at President Donald Trump for daring to criticize a black person. Radical leftwing rag (publication parlance for yellow journalism) Mother Jones apparently was quickest in print to react to Trump accusing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) of being a “bully,” describing his Baltimore district as a rat infested hellhole, and implying a personal corruption. The magazine led what became the usual chorus of fake news scribes bleating “racism.” Trump apparently doesn’t cotton to the politically correct social premise that a white person is not allowed to criticize a black person under any circumstances. But Mother Jones went further — it accused Trump of falsely implying Cummings’ corruption without documenting it. Mother Jones apparently chose to ignore or overlook research into corruption investigations swirling around Cummings’ and his wife’s activities through the years. Look it up.

By Thomas J. Edwards, Opinion/Analysis, Eye On Why.

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