Coulter Political Death Wish Or CNN Talk Show Host?

One-time conservative darling Ann Coulter is headed for political oblivion, having turned on the superman she created in her own eyes over a pet peeve of hers that the superman _- President Donald Trump — couldn’t remedy quick enough to suit her emotional sensibilities. Outspoken and irreverent most of the time, Coulter’s criticisms of Trump have turned caustic and her shift to attacking the president’s family led Trump to dub her antics as the product of a “total whack job.” The family rub means there is no White House salvation possible. Her feelings now hurt and her bridges burnt, Coulter is apparently rushing into the arms of Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) for political comfort, claiming she would vote for Sanders if he returns to his past immigration position. Strange bedfellows? Maybe not. –TJEdwards

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