Common Sense Trumps Knee-Jerk Politics

Laguna Beach, CA residents are recovering from a recent row over the U.S. flag. City councillors decided to keep the American flag on its new police car decals despite an outcry from the political left and a handful of illegal immigrants who prefer the national flag of their countries over what they consider a too-aggressive message. They claimed the flag was hurting feelings of visitors and immigrants. Laguna Beach, a South California coastal resort city of 23,000, refused to bow to demands that the word “Police” on the side of law enforcement vehicles be repainted to eliminate an American flag artfully fused into the letters. The 4-1 vote hinged on one city council member who raised the specter of the “ICE” in “Police” containing only red paint — ICE connoting “Immigration & Customs Enforcement,” a term anathema to illegal aliens that could trigger “unintended consequences.” –TJ Edwards

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