Border Wall Needed Now Or We Lose As A Nation

By Richard S. Wisniach – Commentary

California’s educational crisis is a microcosm of the country’s educational dilemma where indoctrination has replaced learning and the exercise of critical thought. A California teacher in a recent commentary sheds light on the crisis of illegal immigration and how our resistance to a border wall/security and other lack of constraints continue to push education into a financial and moral tailspin.

The teacher’s  observations coupled with other hidden California tax-budget drains are alarming, and damaging.  The teacher writes from experience, revealing with a little more insight to what we already know that not protecting our borders and refusing to stem illegal immigration is a travesty and ongoing threat to our freedoms, culture and politically correct politicians undermining us.

Anyone who has traveled abroad and experienced third world cultures understands the often time shock of such cultural mentalities. Survival at any cost – even your freedom, resources or life.  It’s you or them – survival of the smartest and fittest.

Most who’ve taken and/or studied sociology, history, war, corporate and drug cultures, human behavior, have some appreciation of cultural difference – values, needs, tactics. Mainly the blending of cultures and their challenges.  We all understand assimilation, adapting and becoming part of your new culture is vital to a country’s survival of course.   People can still keep their traditions, while contributing to a common value system that strengthens a united country.

Most of us get all that. Yet, feel good politically correct laws, government budgets and pandering for political “votes” are still eroding our foundations.  How is it that some are not paying, attention in real time…now, to how all this political pandering and selling out is ruining other countries,  i.e. England, Germany, Venezuela, France, and now Canada, to name a few.

We know at business and  corporate levels how significant culture is to an organization.  Under the guise of diversity (a good thing to a point as far as respect and fairness), we’re being sold out by the vote whores of all political persuasions, although mostly by the radical left. ‘Radical’ is a whole different and dangerous animal than liberal;   dogs, wolves and coyotes may be the same species category, but have different demeanors and methods of survival – domestic, predator and scavenger – much like today’s politics and politicians  (my metaphoric observation and comparison: Conservatives, Liberals, Radicals).

After reading the teacher’s commentary and seeing what orders instructors are forced to comply with to accommodate packing of classrooms with illegal aliens, there should never be any question regarding border wall, a big nasty, dangerous, deadly wall, and a renewed immigration policy.  The teacher’s commentary provides a perfect snapshot and breakdown of what illegal immigrants and undesirables are doing to erode our once great country.

The issue here is really our politicians selling us out. So the next time we’re listening to any politician, perhaps we should be asking ourselves “are they pandering and bribing for votes or offering a good and reasonable idea, policy, law, change”  that’s good for our country and then us?  Keep in mind that selling or persuading is different from pandering. Truly listening and discerning should reveal any politician’s policies and pandering.

The issue of a border wall as a starting point for our country’s resurgence is so fundamental.  However frustrating, as the Left-Dems put their party-votes before our personal, national safety and even lives, with feeble and illogical arguments.   Charity starts at home. This country is OUR home. Our front door, fence or gate is our wall, our boundary. The wall is  there not because we hate other people, but because we love and want to protect our family.

People need to have respect and be invited through our front door, with our vetting porch light on, to know if you’re friend or foe.  Sneaking in thru the back door, uninvited, illegally, don’t expect a warm welcome, and risk getting arrested, deported, imprisoned  or worse yet shot. Anything else is political pandering for cheap and easy votes by bribing the poor and uneducated immigrants – preying upon them in a true sense.  The left politicians are only interested in votes, even at our expense and peril, and don’t care at all about immigrants.

Boundaries in any category are a good and necessary safeguard – conveys self respect and welfare.  We teach our children to “just say no” because that’s a boundary.  Yet to protect our personal freedoms and great country, we’ve said yes for the wrong reasons and now have a lot of fatal cancers eating away at our culture, way of life and family welfare and safety.  Discernment is required to be aware of the vote-whores’ selfish, political agenda.

Just reinforcing and keeping this issue a top-of-mind awareness is all.  History repeatedly illustrates how fat, lazy and permissive empires unnecessarily fell from within. – Richard S. Wisniach is a California-based writer.

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