Are We Too Little, Too Late To Stop Socialism?

By Thomas J. Edwards – Outlook

If the 2018 mid-term elections accomplished anything more than the success of a group of mental midgets regaining power in the House of Representatives, it was the bold illustration of how far and deep the Socialist movement has progressed in the United States — Socialism is the final step to Communism.

President Donald Trump may have saved the country from the end stages of Socialism under a Hillary Clinton post–Obama presidency but his effort is much like the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike to save Holland. The finger comes out sooner or later and the deluge resumes unabated.

Using his 2019 State of the Union address as the vehicle to disclose why he is so hated by the political left, Trump vented his obstinate opposition to Socialism. That opposition, which the radical left sensed as the core of Trump’s decision to seek the presidency, was made plain as Trump excoriated the tenets of Socialism as evil to the preservation of individual freedom and self responsibility.

Unfortunately, most of what Trump described largely fell on the deaf ears of those having little real grasp of the ideology. But it did set off a national discussion on just where the left/progressives are headed, how they want to disrupt society, and underscored the why of their hatred of Trump.

Sadly, once the Socialist foundations are set, however weak they are at first, they grow and feed on each other, nourished by a small but rabid ideological force that can only be turned back by a gigantic reaffirmation of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Let’s take a look at how we got where we are now.

The election of Barack Obama was the paramount Socialist move to complete the blueprint for the subversion of U.S. culture and institutions. Obama was the Manchurian Candidate of the 21st Century, whose race, color, nebulous background, and success at camouflaging his past would keep conservative and Constitutionalist researchers occupied for eight years while an army of ideological sycophants burrowed into the vast bureaucracy to accomplish what the Obama administration used to like to call “transformation” of the way things were done.

Obama was the ideal candidate to stitch together the last strategies of a Communist revolution in the making for the U.S. since 1917. It was the dream of the Communist Party USA to have Socialism in place by the 2017 anniversary of the Russian Revolution and installation of Lenin as dictator. Obama’s father was a Communist and his principle mentor, Franklin Marshall Davis, was an avowed Communist and Saul Alinsky acolyte — how to gnaw away at a country’s foundations and thereby subvert its laws and create confusion through violence and financial strangulation by clogging the courts and making national and local security too expensive to maintain.

The CPUSA prospered openly in the 1920s and 1930s with their social blueprints embraced in part by the 13-year reign of President Franklin Roosevelt and his New Deal to help the country emerge from the Great Depression –Social Security, Works Progress Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps. Civil Works Administration, and Public Works Administration as five elements of Roosevelt’s 10-project strategy to “transform” the U.S. economy and culture, and all using Socialist tenets as the bedrock of the government “transformation.”

By the end of World War 1I, when the Stalinist atrocities came to light, and later when the Maoist genocide emerged, Communism became a dirty word and members of the CPUSA scurried to the underground. The decade-long McCarthy era further submerged U.S. Communists who then decided to remain underground and burrow into the three principle aspects of our culture where they shaped the future direction of academia, the mass media, and entertainment under the cloak of Socialism.

Meanwhile. the New Deal policies advanced unabated and, in many cases expanded. Social Security begat Medicare which begat Medicaid which begat Obamacare. Free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment is now limited to politically correct speech decreed by censors, and some speech, such as “hate” speech, is a crime (felony) if it annoys or psychologically hurts someone, and it is punishable by prison, fines and social ostracism.

Slowly, Socialism made inroads in the U.S. culture and its institutions through various programs approved by Congress under the guidance of a handful of ideologists preying on their unwary peers. The major onslaught was led by President Lyndon Johnson and the “Civil Rights” legislation — indefinite free housing, welfare, Fair Housing Act, etc. — all designed to tug at the nation’s emotional core.

It is one thing to have a tax system — fair assessment of earnings — to help maintain public services that individuals are incapable of accomplishing, such as government to oversee a military to protect our sovereignty, police and prisons to protect domestic citizenry, courts to settle disputes, and a social safety net to help those born into a society in which they are unable to cope.

It is another to force one part of the population to financially and physically support those who decide the world owes them a subsistence because of their social class, laziness, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other polarizing and balkanizing concept cloaked as diversity and protected as a class.

That polarization, dividing the country into select classes at war with each other, has been a slow creep for decades, one that quickened during the eight years of the Obama presidency and that was to finally take a permanent hold on the country in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Trump foiled that progression and that accounts for the venomous hatred of him. That venom finally spilled over in the mid-term elections and the primary danger now is to underestimate the power and lure of Socialism-Communism. The extremes are now out there — flatulent cows, gas-guzzling autos and planes, etc. to achieve an utopian environment — and anything less than those extremes would be a suitable alternative as the Socialists see it.

That is the design camouflage of the Green New Deal and it has allowed Socialists to emerge from their shadows and mobilize — the Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes, Elizabeth Warrens, Ilhan Omars, Rashida Tlaibs, Kamala Harrises, and Cory Bookers of the movement.

It is past time to underestimate them. Our so-called unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence are now under the gun, having largely been replaced by government protections and accompanying individual governance over nearly every class and race of people in an insanely balkanized nation consumed by bitterness and hatred for one another.

That is the singular goal of Socialism-Communism. For what better way is there to seize power than the existence of a fragmented nation.

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One thought on “Are We Too Little, Too Late To Stop Socialism?

  1. Richard Wisniach

    WHAO!! This is a most comprehensive summary of how we got here. Eloquent summarizing of almost 80 year plan to take us to Communism… with, as you say, the last step prior… Socialism. America has been the semi-unaware deer grazing in the forest, with a false sense of security not realizing it is prey. Perhaps even arrogantly ignoring it’s being systematically stalked. We’re here now, at thee pivotal point in our short history. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that Trump was sent to buy us some extra time to resist, expose the evil forces that be and maybe…. maybe salvage our country’s freedom and liberties. Our fragmentation is vibrating at a devastating level now. NO longer disturbing, but sad.


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