One More Triumph For Sharia Law USA

By Thomas J. Edwards

Newly minted U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) made it clear she would demand — that’s right, demand — that the House of Representatives obey Sharia Law by eliminating a centuries-old rule governing head coverings on the House floor with a goal of forcing a religious exemption to the rule. After all, Omar wanted to made sure Islam would not be blasphemed because she wanted to wear a hijab — Islamic head covering for women.

Islamic law decrees nothing, not even the supposedly politically, socially and religiously neutral Congress of the United States, is above Sharia Law, the doctrine laid down by Muhammed to govern all human behavior. Omar took advantage of the gullibility of House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-MA) before he assumed the chairmanship. McGovern said of Omar’s demand that it’s time for a religious exemption to the rule despite the constitutional caution against combining the activities of church and state.

Omar got her way without an objection or even a whimper after new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) officially gave her blessing to upending the 150-year-old rule banning head coverings.

Even the Roman Catholic church recognized the neutrality of the U.S. government in matters of faith when Pope John Paul II ordered two Catholic priests in the 1970s to surrender their House seats because their faith conflicted with some U.S. policies, such as recognition of abortion.

Omar’s success is but one more step in the Islamic quest for world rule by gradually and surreptitiously inculcating the faith into the every day life of nations until Muslim numbers gain a majority. It is a philosophical and political agenda decreed by Muhammed’s Koran.

Omar’s success in browbeating her colleagues into embracing an Islamic preference was barely perceptible on the national radar but it was roundly applauded by Muslims as a highly significant breech in the wall of opposition to Sharia the USA, a major inroad into gradually mesmerizing the national consciousness into accepting small Islamic inroads until there are enough breeches to beat a once majority population into submission. Look at ISIS as a glaring example of a minority exercising absolute power through abject fear.

Sharia law subjugates women who are required in all Muslim fundamentalist traditions to wear a hijab at a minimum — a head covering that obscures all but a woman’s face. Greater female subjugation is required in some Islamic sects that force women to wear burkas, complete body gowns that obscure all but the hands and feet. And, in the more radical Islamic sects. women are completely subservient to men who are allowed under Sharia Law to beat women into submission.

That is what Omar is seeking to represent in the House of Representatives, the same woman who openly mocks Christianity — calling Vice President Mike Pence a :Christophobe” and ridiculing his Christian demeanor.

Omar and Rep.Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are the first Muslim women to serve in Congress. There is a Muslim man serving, Rep. André Carson (D-IN), and former Rep. Keith Elllson (D-MN), who is now that state’s attorney general despite domestic battery allegations, was in 2007 the first Muslin to serve in Congress.

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