Western Mind And The Islamic Death Cult

There are two serious threats to the future of the United States as a constitutional republic embracing the concept of individual freedom and limited government — Islam and George Soros. Both are similar in intent but different in content. Islam wants world domination under its faith as as the moral guidance and Sharia Law as faith’s enforcement mechanism. Soros wants one-world authoritarian government. Both want to assume power by subversion and ultimately force.

Today, EyeOnWhy looks at Islam and its subversive tentacles .

By Thomas J. Edwards
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While the 9/11 massacres were the rallying cry needed to finally awaken the United States to the fact Islam is not a religion in the sense that the West understands religious faith, Islamic push-back in the name of “civil rights” has numbed the nation’s consciousness into inaction.

Islam may very well be the armageddon projected in the the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. It is predicted to take place at Megiddo, which is modern-day Israel, the same Palestine now in the gunsights of an Islamic world intent on destroying Judaism, Christianity and all that Western culture represents.

Islam was created by a pedophile thug in the 7th Century and it was intended to be a murderous and unending bloody crusade despite the cloak of “peaceful religion” its apologists proclaim. Islam’s goal is to keep humanity ideologically pure and medieval in nature to honor the milieu of its founder, an illiterate whose penchant for little girls and imaginary travels into a delusional netherworld apparently left scant time to improve his mind.

Unlike other faiths, Islam is a mandatory passage from father to son — the son has no choice of the religion he inherits from his father — and he is a Muslim for life. Any transgression invites death for the apostate. Females also are born into the ideology but their relation to Islam is different; it is determined by the family male leaders and any transgression, such as disobedience to a male’s demands or dating a non-Muslim, means death. Women are merely chattel to serve men and to reproduce to feed the Islamic death machine.

The West came to face a classic example of mandatory Islam in President Barack Obama. Obama was born of an Islamic father and nurtured in the doctrine, which is to revere and serve Muhammad and destroy the “infidels.” It makes no difference what a Muslim professes later to advance socially and politically in a non-Islamic society, he is still a Muslim. That accounts for Obama’s fierce resistance to address “Islamic terror” as such.

Islam has about 1.2-billion adherents, primarily in the Middle East, Near East, Far East, and North Africa according to the latest accepted estimate. About 10% are considered to be rabid radical fundamentalists determined to die to further the doctrine.That means at least 120 million Muslims are capable of the worst kinds of terror worldwide.

Why are we balking? Why are we going head first into the sand while most of the West at least now peripherally recognizes the Islamic threat?

The answer of course is Obama. Even out of office he is supported by his army of race- and faith-baiting acolytes ready to pounce with a heavy hand on any dissent from protecting the faith of his father. Why is he so fiercely protecting Islam and its terror crusade? Why, after eight years of his presidency, do we know so little about his background other than what he and his sycophants wanted to divulge in his two books? Obama spent more than $1 million erecting legal barriers to information about his past that had him living briefly in fanatically Islamic Pakistan.

Of course, the Obama rationale for not acting is to accuse the so-called “peaceful” Muslims of failure to condemn “Islamic” terrorism. knowing they will not make that move. Without that condemnation, which will never be forthcoming, Obama can excuse himself from action against “Islamic” terrorism. Obama, like all Muslims, employs the concept of “Taqiyya” as an anesthetic to numb the social conscience. Taqiyya is the use of lying to advance the cause of Islam by soothing over differences and dissolving conflicts.

It is apparent, after 35 years of embracing wave after wave of Muslim emigrants from war-ravaged nations, that even non-radical Muslims, those who have successfully melded into the neighborhoods where they settled, will protect their Muslim brethren. They, unlike earlier immigrants, refuse to assimilate into the mainstream culture because Islam is their first responsibility and family honor is their foremost value.

That is why the Muslim communities in the United States remain largely silent on Islamic terrorism. Their primary allegiance is to the faith. They utter social bromides and count on their ersatz civil rights groups to afford them political cover by devising a rhetorical cloak of guilt-inducing accusations of racism and discrimination against non-Muslims.

Our spineless approach to the Islamic threat results from decades of mounting “political correctness” that has blinded us to the threat of terrorism as extensively as it has warped rational race and gender relations.

Isolated acts of courage in the face of Islamic terrorism and Europe’s increasing realization of the growing threat is something Americans in the tradition of 1776 will have to find a way to embrace despite the cowardly ambivalence of the country’s leadership.

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One thought on “Western Mind And The Islamic Death Cult

  1. Richard Wisniach

    This is some seriously, scary and sobering information. Some of it has already surfaced, much of it is validating what we’ve feared and suspected. Especially regarding Obama. When we heard that Barry-O spent a million dollars to cover up and block much of his history and heritage, what was disturbing was “it didn’t set off any MAJOR red alarms. Of course the media and left were running interference for him since day one. His pathway to the Presidency, I’m sure, was a very long term, detailed strategy involving the real powers, puppeteers and dark state subversives.


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