Leftwing Deathsperation Body Count Scheme

By Thomas J. Edwards
[email protected]

Radical U.S. leftwing strategists are going all out now to demoralize the country through propaganda against the Trump administration. And its design of the death toll estimate caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last September is its most egregious example so far, one sufficient enough in its “Big Lie” to make Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, proud — Goebbels of course is considered the master “Big Lie” schemer of all time.

Until now, the death toll on the Caribbean island of 3.5 million U.S. citizens stood at 64. That wasn’t good enough for the Trump hating Liberals-Progressives determined to embarrass and undermine President Donald Trump from all angles by every conceivable method, however far-fetched. And this one is far-fetched.

Somehow, the corrupt Puerto Rican government persuaded a “research group” with a $305,000 payment to devise a greater death toll that would soon be used to make Trump the chief culprit in the hurricane recovery disaster. The chaos that ensued following the storm was a result of decades of government corruption on the island that left its infrastructure — utilities, roads, basic citizen services — in total disarray.

The result of the new study would be laughable if the subject wasn’t so tragic. The “researchers” decided to take what they conceived would be Puerto Rico’s normal death count during six months following the hurricane, subtract that number from the death certificate counts during the same period,and blame the balance on what the Left considers Trump’s fault for not completing a full recovery within a week of the storm.

The final count, what the liberal-oriented George Washington University “researchers” considered their “best estimate of excess mortality.” is 2,975.

Of course, we all remember the first best guesstimate, when a Harvard University study showed deaths could have ranged from 800 to 8.500 with 4,645 begin the exact guesstimate. Then there was the guesser from Pennsylvania State University who concluded the death count stood between 1,006 and 1,272. And let’s not forget the New York Times’ best guess. The newspaper of record concluded deaths had risen from 64 to 1,052.

While the guessers acknowledge all the deaths may or may not be attributable to the storm, it is certain the those in charge of estimating all the guessing will settle with the higher numbers because that number will be the one they use to strong-arm lawmakers in Washington to provide billions of dollars more for “recovery,” enough cash to conveniently camouflage all of the island’s political corruption that resulted in the chaos.

We can’t forget the photo of the bottled water on the runway. Liberals gurgled that it was Trump’s fault that 20,000 pallets of bottled water remained on an airport runway a year after the storm. Of course, the Leftwing fails to mention that the water was delivered to the island by FEMA on time and it was up to local officials to get the water to those who needed it. But there was no money to pay local workers because local government revenues had been stolen by local officials. No pay no work!

As far as the corruption is concerned. It has faded into the background in the wake of the storm much to the delight of local politicians who now won’t go to prison. The circle of corruption include’s the island’s former governor and several of his former minions as well as local mayors and their minions who made off with large portions of their tax treasuries and millions of federal subsidy dollars including millions in public housing money that could have been used to house poor families left homeless by the hurricane.

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