Do Liberals Inherently Regard Blacks As Primates?

By Thomas J. Edwards

What is “Monkey Up?”

It became painfully obvious today (Wed., Aug. 29. 2018) that Liberals-Progressives-Leftists consider Black People/African Americans as little more than primates — monkeys, apes and chimpanzees — who, in the tradition of white slave owners of antebellum-era America, need nurturing, education and discipline to survive without their white overseers.

Leftwing racism has never been so apparent. The Liberal reaction to Rep. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) innocent comment that Floridians should be wary not to “monkey this up” by embracing a Socialist agenda with huge tax increases is stunning in its speed and alacrity.

“Monkey up” is a common term describing the bedlam a monkey creates when left to its own devices– the Webster dictionary describes “monkey up” as “To hack together hardware for a particular task, especially a one-shot job. Connotes an extremely crufty and consciously temporary solution.”

How is that racist?

Yet, the initial Liberal reaction and deliberate misinterpretation was staggering. MSNBC hate-monger Hallie Jackson chortled when she had the opportunity to be one of the first Leftwing pundits to pounce on the DeSantis comment, twisting what he said completely out of proportion.

Jackson was followed quickly by MSNBC radical Leftist Muslim Ali Velshi who twisted the DeSantis observation more radically even without the help of his equally politically venomous sidekick Stephanie Ruhle. Canadian transplant Velshi managed to pound his viewers into submission over DeSantis without ever describing the radical politics of DeSantis’ surprise rival for governor, Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum (D).

And on it went through the day on MSNBC and CNN, with pseudo political experts distorting the issue entirely out of reality and common sense.

At least Liberal-Leftwing Democrat racism is finally fully out in the open for all to see and Leftists are gagging over the revelation.

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