Hillary Unleashes New Hate Group

BULLETIN: By Tom J. Edwards. Leftwing hate of President Donald Trump knows no bounds. And Hillary Clinton wants to embody that hate into a strategy to undermine Trump’s administration and prevent him from putting the United States on a road to recovery from the ideological ravages of Barack Obama. Hillary has formed a platformist political action committee with the sole purpose of destroying Trump. And it is saturated with the unbearable stench of ex-Nazi wannabe George Soros.

Hillary — there’s no point referring to her as the former secretary of state and first lady after she dishonored both positions — is so filled with hatred of Trump that she fails to accept the fact it was her shortcomings that caused her defeat for the presidency on two occasions, earning her the name “Witch of Chappaqua.”

She calls her new political child “Onward Together,” a label she hijacked from Amnesty International and it’s “Onward Together” advocacy fair (the most recent in Chicago April 1-2). While the PAC name has all the excitement of a weathered privy, it embraces five anarcho-Leninist groups under the motto, “Resist, Insist, Persist, Enlist.” Registered as a 501©4 “tax-exempt social welfare” organization, Onward Together will financially nurse the groups Color of Change, Indivisible, Swing Left, Run for Something, and Emerge America:


  • Indivisible — Mobilizing resistance to Trump, disruption of Republican town hall gatherings and local public events, mass phone calls to overload systems, and occupy congressional district offices. Indivisible claims 5,983 groups nationwide.
  • Swing Left — Targets vulnerable Republican incumbents through personal smear and backing of leftwing candidates.
  • Color of Change — Soros-funded social justice group. Van Jones was a founder, the same Van Jones who is a Barack Obama confidant and part of the “Truther” movement in 2004 that accused President George W. Bush of being connected to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Jones altered history in 2009 when he pressed the Truther movement to expunge his signature from the group’s founding document to accept a position as Obama’s Green Czar (He quickly exited that post after disclosures he is a proclaimed Communist). Goal is to strengthen black America’s political voice by muzzling white America’s political voice. Long affiliated with now disgraced Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).
  • Emerge America — Trains female leftwing Democrats to run for office because they are more likely to embrace Socialism and government control.
  • Run for Something – provides Millennial (under 35) candidates with campaign tools to run for office and learn how to control the country by employing the most annoying get-in-your-face strategies possible.

The sum goal of the five groups is destabilization of the U.S. government and ouster of Trump.

Could this be Clinton Foundation II, a new Clinton financial gravy train? Onward Together’s chief money raiser is the Clinton Foundation’s former chief development officer and Hillary campaign finance director. Howard Dean, the Democrat court jester noted for his piercing vocal chords, will likely play a role in Hillary’s new army.

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