Professional Suicide Of Bill O’Reilly

In the end, TV pundit Bill O’Reilly is solely responsible for his professional suicide. He simply got too big for his britches. The fame, celebrity, close association with power centers, social deferences, all pushed O’Reilly into that netherworld most celebrities find themselves. They are untouchable, so they think. His actions were sufficient fodder for leftwing sabotage.

At the same time, O’Reilly could have weathered this ordeal. But a concerted, well-coordinated, assault organized by third-wave feminist radicals, gay militants, and leftwing political ideologues served to oust him from his Fox News perch, with far left Media Matters leading the charge — Media Matters, the shadowy tax-exempt group with the sole mission of “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation” that is partly financed by George Soros’ billions.

They scared away O’Reilly’s advertisers. And O’Reilly was left to fend for himself, unable to lean on his long-time guardian angel, Roger Ailes. You see, Ailes, the architect of Fox News, was himself railroaded by the same nest of Soros-financed reptiles after making billions for the Fox family.

O’Reilly has enough of a loyal following to take him to a startup TV cable operation — Newsmax and One America News come to mind — and take his following with him. That would be the beginning of the end of Fox News as it is now known, a lone major network reflecting the outlooks of the nation’s conservatives, those who want to maintain individual freedom under the cloak of the U.S.Constitution and Bill of Rights.

With O’Reilly out, there’s only one prime-time Fox news-talker left, Sean Hannity. The leftwing guns are now poised on Hannity, waiting for him to trip up. And trip up he will. Since the Trump win, Hannity has taken on God-like airs, the “don’t challenge my thought, I know it all” posture. That diva posture will certainly do him in.

The nation should be wary as radical leftists, Islamic militants, and mindless gay firebrands chip away at conservative thought and Constitutional guarantees by undermining the messengers as Saul Alinsky taught them to do — Alinsky, the 21st Century personification of Vladimir Lenin’s take power by calculated force philosophy — and social provocateur George Soros pays them to do.

All investigative arrows mustered By President Donald Trump should point in one direction, the lush mansion of George Soros in the New York City suburb of Bedford Hills. That is the nerve and financial center for the leftwing war on Unites States patriotism, the USA itself, and anyone who stands in the way of its constitutional destruction and replacement with an authoritarian state.

Until Soros is reined in by the law, his campaign to undermine this nation by crippling its founding documents and protective messengers will continue unabated. –TJ Edwards

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