Obama As UN Secretary General Not Far-Fetched

By Tom J. Edwards.

Barack Obama has been quietly campaigning to become the next Secretary General of the United Nations and his current visit to the UN headquarters in New York could become his official launchpad for the post. Obama has the support of current Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who now heads a largely Muslim-oriented world legislative and policy body.

Obama began his under-the-political-radar campaign in 2014 and revved it up in late 2015 when Ban Ki-moon’s tenure had one more year of his 10-year reign. The post becomes vacant at the end of December. If Obama becomes an official candidate, he could and likely would resign the presidency and turn the nation’s reins over to Vice President Joe Biden for the remaining weeks of the eight-year Democrat reign . Such a move would relieve Obama of the chore, and to him the indignity, of giving the keys to the White House to Donald Trump.

Obama is enough of a narcissist to be reluctant to bow out of the public eye and retire from the world scene at his young age. But he would want something with enough grandeur to reflect his high opinion of himself. And with his daughters now grown and moving out on their own, and Michelle likely to seek public office as a U.S. senator, the UN post would be ideal for Obama to maintain a semblance of family cohesion while he and Michelle pursue separate careers, much like Bill and Hillary Clinton’s continuing marriage of convenience.

The only opposition to Obama’s quest for the UN job comes from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu although Obama has been able to keep the Israeli chief at bay with continued arms support while walking a fine line between battling Shiite (Iran) and Sunni (Saudi Arabia) Muslim countries.

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