Millennial ‘Igoring’ The American Political Debate

By TJ Edwards

America’s political leftwing has added a new word to the nation’s political lexicon — “Igor.” If you manage to shout down an opposing viewpoint, you have successfully “igored” your opponent. Likewise, an attempt to demolish your opponent’s rationale with a cacophony of slurred mumbles is ‘igoring’ your opponent.

“Igor” is a tribute to leftwing pundit Igor Volsky, the product of neo-Marxist indoctrination and mouthpiece for “progressive” think tank Center for American Progress’ propaganda arm “Think Progress.”

Volsky makes no apology for his warped world-view perception. In fact he glories in it by mocking the true mission of the journalism profession, which is supposed to be a factual, honest bridge between events and the public.

By his own admission in his “professional” profile, news is entertainment. “I have spent eight years at the forefront of the development of the modern political news landscape. Currently creating substantive yet engaging and entertaining online videos about the news.”

The emphasis is mine because it sadly documents the way the Millennial generation with its eight-second attention span views the human landscape through a mentally corrupt prism.

Observe pretentiously plaid-flanneled (it’s a Millennial thing) Volsky in action on Don Lemon’s daily CNN political entertainment show during a gun control exchange with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson.

Watch Volsky move into his frenzy mode to insinuate that his debate opponent’s rationale of raising a corollary issue is wrong — applying the standard leftwing technique of shouting down an argument and sustaining the noise with the added arm-flailing, smug, sneering ho-hum “I condemn your approach because I failed to perceive that aspect of the issue” expressions.

Volsky then tosses predictable leftist psychobabble into the mix declaring “30,000 people are killed by gun violence'” but failing to note that 20,000 of them are suicides.

The nation owes Igor Volsky a debt of gratitude for singularly portraying the best of leftwing hypocrisy and Millennial generation addled thought. The rational citizens of America better understand now when we are being”igored” by a snotty windbag.

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