Another Racial Bungle From NBC ‘News’

By TJ Edwards

NBC goes to great lengths again to denigrate white Americans. This time, it commissioned one of its spurious “polls” to gauge which race is the angriest in the USA.

The findings were predictable. Whites and Republicans are the angriest.

First, we look at the pollsters and that is enough to prompt a chuckle — NBC News (a contradiction in terms), Survey Monkey, and Esquire.

Survey Monkey? How appropriate considering it is headquartered in the leftwing den of iniquity Palo Alto, California, and how monkeys mimic the foibles of their human counterparts. And lastly, Esquire, where men’s fashions for the wealthy are the rag’s principal mission.

The “online” poll — how authoritative can it be when the respondents are likely anonymous emotionally-addled teens — determined that whites are the angriest based on the presumptive theory that Tea Party supporters are angry and, since all Tea Party supporters are presumed by the Left to be white, it must be concluded that whites are the angriest.

The polling farce concludes that nearly half of Americans are angry and no racial and ethnic groups are angrier than whites and Republicans. Certainly, Republicans have to be in the mix even though they are not a racial or ethnic group but because the left automatically links them with the Tea Party regardless of reality or fact.

Pollsters conclude that 49% of Americans find themselves angrier about current events in 2015 than they were a year earlier. Whites are the angriest, with 54% saying they are more outraged, while 43% of Latinos have their undies in a bunch and only 33% of blacks are upset.

Only 33% of blacks are angry? That’s where the poll falls apart. Looking back at 2015, where was the most turmoil and rage in this country? Huh?

What about the new black KKK, the so-called Black Lives Matter rabble raging through the streets demanding death to all cops — and whites. What about the mall riots the obtuse media fail to report — Louisville and Norfolk most recently? What about the black “flash mobs” raging through the streets and in the malls mauling any whites in their way? What about the “knockout” thugs — a black game knocking out random whites with one punch and then running–it’s now called “Polar Bear Hunting”? What about the black riots in Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson? What about the 150 BLMKKK thugs who terrorized whites at the Dartmouth College library?

Those are just a handful of black rage examples from 2015. If it is true that whites are the angriest, it is no wonder why that anger exists — a result of black savagery and racial tensions magnified by a feckless president.

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