Are Terrorists Coordinating Multiple USA Attacks?

Despite Obama administration apparent nonchalance over possible terror attacks on United States soil, suspicious movements by questionable characters, most of them in the wake of the San Bernardino, California Christmas-linked terror slaughter, have terror experts and military officials panicking.

The mainstream media has ignored the incidents because most modern “journalists” are not capable of connecting the dots that might lead to nefarious activities. But when the dots are connected, a portrait of possible attacks emerges.

Let’s take a look at what has happened in a 10-week span, not including the California terrorist massacre which sucked the oxygen out of all other responsible reporting by one-dimensional minded news gatherers.

In late September, three Afghan soldiers brought here to train with U.S. troops at a Massachusetts Army base walked away and no public mention was made at the time. The escape surfaced publicly when Canadian authorities nabbed the trio at the U.S.-Canadian border at Niagara Falls, New York. They were handed over to U.S. authorities and all mention of the incident and resolution of the escape suddenly evaporated. There is no further mention about what happened to the Afghans.

Within the past two weeks — between the California attack and Dec. 11 — several unrelated incidents when connected paint a picture of impending attacks.

Two Afghan pilots nearing completion of a one-year pilot-training course at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia walked off the base and disappeared — two men of questionable loyalties who can pilot planes not unlike the terrorists of the 9/11 attacks who were also trained in the USA. Alarmed authorities have issued photos of the pair but they still remain on the loose in obvious obscurity abetted by an indifferent media.

At least five Missouri Walmarts have been visited by foreign men with language accents buying hundreds of throwaway cellphones with cash in early morning hours. In one incident where two such men bought 59 cellphones at a Lebanon, MO Walmart at 2 a.m. paying cash, the culprits were detained momentarily but released when police declared they had no legal reason to detain them. In all. more than 150 such phones were purchased.

Three businesses in Kansas City, MO reported thefts of propane cylinders over a two-week period with local reports showing at least 50 cylinders missing.

While local media has reported each of the incidents separately, no media has seized on the timing, coincidence and involvement of questionable characters (we can’t racially and ethnically profile people without the possibility of being accused of a “hate” crime) to connect the dots and question the likelihood of a coordinated series of attacks soon. Why?


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