Media’s Leftwing In Christie Tizzy

There appears to be no end to the lengths the radical left media — the so-called “mainstream media” — will go to denigrate a Republican/conservative’s personal character rather than his Constitutional beliefs. Take for example New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Sure, he’s gruff and to the point. It’s refreshing. Christie also has a way of stripping the liberal veneer from a challenger on ideological points alone, not on personal traits.

So the RLM is in high camp over Christie’s train ride from Washington, DC to his New Jersey home on a gloomy Sunday morning. He boarded the Acela speed train’s “quiet car” with his two security details apparently by mistake and began a somewhat testy cellphone conversation over what nearby observers say appeared to be a muddled schedule.

When a train conductor admonished him for using the cellphone, those near say he apologized politely to the conductor and passengers, got up and walked with his guards to the cafe car. The recollection of those passengers does’t quite jibe with the now frantic RLM’s portrayal of the moment, their slavish reporters grasping every sordid detail from so-called witnesses who got their information third-, fourth- and fifth-hand from someone who heard it from someone else who saw it in Gawker.

Gawker according the information gleaned from one source — an unhappy nearby passenger who immediately notified Gawker, portrayed Christie as being “kicked out” of the quiet car while hold a McDonald’s Strawberry Smoothie — a double personal whammy but great for the visuals of Gawker’s low-information following.

The New York Times’ chocolate latte reporters gasped, saying Christie create a “clamor.” CNN chortled as it squeezed in every pejorative adjective its stenographers could muster for the occasion. The best of course is left to the Huffington (puffington) Post. Its writer opens with Christie breaking “the cardinal rule of Amtrak etiquette,” followed by his “disturbing the holy silence of the quiet car.”

At least the Post conceded at the bottom of its story that a passenger who was sitting at Christie’s table described the GOP presidential candidate as “super courteous & possibly the least intrusive in-public phone person ever.”                       –TJEdwards

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