Muslim U.S. President Is Moot Point

Dr. Ben Carson is correct in his Muslim assessments. But the GOP presidential candidate, along with conservatives and constitutional scholars, failed to explain fully and in single-syllable language to short-sighted Millennials, slow thinkers and low information sluggards that a Muslim cannot be U.S. president under the Constitution, regardless of the “freedom of religion” cries from the doctrinaire left wing.

Sure, a Muslim can run for the office but the Constitution explicitly lays out the requirement barring Muslims in the oath provided in Article Two, Section One, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The Constitution is the basis for our body of law — rooted in Judeo-Christian philosophy. A president must vow to obey the Constitution. A president or chief executive cannot subject U.S. citizens to a conflicting body of law.

Islam is a religion and political/social ideology with its own strict body of law, most of which conflict fiercely with U.S. and most Western law. Islam’s mandates are firm — adherents are either born into the faith or they adopt Islam.

Once a follower of Islam, adherents are banned from renouncing it under penalty of death. Obedience to the legal arm –ShariaLaw — is mandatory. It is inseparable from the faith. Sharia law is a male-centric legal code, largely a handbook of medieval torture techniques intended to mollify the slightest misgivings and grievances “suffered” by Islamic men. Women are dispensable.

Consequently, a Muslim president-elect must renounce his/her faith or the presidency. There is no middle ground unless the Muslim declares “taqiyya” as a justification for concealing his faith on grounds of a credible threat against him. Otherwise, renunciation of Islam by a Muslim triggers a “fatwa” or verdict of death from whatever Imam is the self-declared Islamic leader at the time.

Which brings us to our current president, Barack Obama. Despite eight years of official obfuscation, lies and questions about his true faith and birth site, one thing is unassailable: Obama is a Muslim! Under Islamic philosophy, doctrine and law, a child automatically inherits his father’s faith. There is no alternative. It is a religious mandate where violation means death.

Obama’s father was a Sunni Muslim from Western Kenya. Regardless of his marital status at the time of Barack’s birth, the faith dictum still applies. Barack Obama was born a Muslim and, under Islamic law, remains a Muslim until death.

Whether Obama decided to embrace another faith to obscure his Islamic ties or honestly embraces his professed conversion to Christianity, one thing remains certain: Obama, by the tenets of Islam. is a Muslim and the experiences of a childhood in Indonesia surrounded by Islam shaped his perception and thought processes for life.

And Obama largely lives the Islamic faith in his penchant for all things and people Islamic and his continual denigration of Christians and Jews — to the point of even denying Syrian Christian refugees admission to the United States while welcoming all Muslim refugees without question.

Yes! Obama is Muslim. Our first Muslim president although he chooses to obscure a fact made obvious in his books and known, if not realized, by much of the electorate who put him in office in 2008 and more so in 2012.    –TJEdwards

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