Trump Is America’s Enoch Powell

When Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump raised the specter of the illegal alien invasion to the nation’s forefront, Leftwing radicals went berserk. How dare anyone question Barack Obama’s insane “welcome mat without question” policy and get away with it!

The Leftwing is still trying to regroup after Trump’s SOS punctured the nation’s consciousness like no previous warning of the impending alien conflagration has been able to accomplish.

Trump’s daring and subsequent dogged resolve to hang tough brings to mind a similar warning by a stalwart British politician in 1968. When Enoch Powell in his “Rivers of Blood” speech that year predicted the alien invasion of England — primarily Muslims — would doom the country if unchecked, he was castigated by the country’s Leftwing and his political career was all but destroyed.

Today, the British Muslim population has all but taken over the country, sealing off whole neighborhoods to non-Muslims and police and establishing localized Sharia Law while continuing to demand the British government provide them with generous welfare benefits.

Trump is trying to warn Americans of the same travesty happening here. In fact, it already is here in the Muslim microcosm of Dearborn, Michigan, the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East where transplants from Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq and Syria make up almost half of the suburban Detroit city’s population and more than 75% of its school population.

Fordson High School — one of three high schools for a city population of about 100,000 — was once the gem of the Michigan public educational system. Today, its student body is 95% Muslim governed by a Muslim principal and Koranic principles . The remaining two high schools are heavily Muslim populated.

Likewise — Dearborn’s East end is now predominantly Muslim while its West end remains largely Christian white — the city’s leaders, still predominately white, recently abandoned the venerable City Hall building in the city’s East end to one that border’s both sides of Dearborn. The old city hall, supposedly expensive to maintain, is ironically still maintained by the city’s taxpayers as an artist colony adjunct to the nearby Arab-American Museum.

The Detroit area is also now a Mexican-Latin American mecca. A flood of illegal aliens have made their way to Detroit where they have expanded their presence from a long-time small Mexican Town area near Detroit’s downtown west through the vast expanse of Southwest Detroit to Dearborn’s eastern border and where crime and Hispanic gang activity have soared in recent years.

Yes, the evidence of unchecked immigration is here and Trump is America’s Enoch Powell with people listening this time despite the radical Leftwing’s campaign to neutralize his message.                              –TJEdwards

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