Sharpton Stays True To Racist Character

Al Sharpton, the self-annointed black leader void of a civilized moral compass, stays true to his nature in his Aug. 3 MSNBC news-comedy show when he devotes more time to promote gun control than he did to the issue that triggered his rant –the slaying of a white cop by a black thug in Memphis. Sharpton certainly would call that description “racist.” The Brooklyn gigolo would also certainly devote the better part of his hour-long rant to extensive coverage if the racial roles were reversed — white cop shooting a black thug. There was no mention of color in Sharpton’s 15-second description of the Memphis murder. But the viagra king managed to give a half-minute to his favorite topic — government control over all private gun owners with seizure of all small arms — as favor to new best bud Barack Obama.                      –TJEdwards

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