Leftwing Applauds Bartering Baby Organs

True to form and obeisance to nanny government ideology, Democrats reiterate their loyalty to baby killing and the sale of their body parts at Planned Parenthood.

In drone-like fashion, Senate Democrats obediently followed their leader, Barack Obama, by defeating a Senate move to ban the $500 million a year taxpayer gift to the abortion mill that murders tens of thousands of babies in wombs annually.

Not even the damning evidence of film showing PP’s ardent feminists bartering baby organs for money was enough to deter political loyalty to the man who threatened to veto the legislation if it reached his desk.

The Senate vote effectively removes the issue as a political ruse leading to a government shutdown in October. The House delayed a vote until after the five-week congressional vacation.

A vote now would be moot regardless of the timing. Must give the wily Democrats credit. They again embarrassed perennially confused House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and his coterie of sycophants with their maneuver.                                                         –TJEdwards

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