‘Jobs For Jihadis’ New Jen & Marie Spin

Jen & Marie make up the unintentionally comedic duo at the helm of the State Department’s propaganda division. The duo’s new tack to avoid labeling radical Islamist terrorists as such is to suggest the real problem is the Jihadi need for real jobs and social counseling to forsake murder and mayhem. Jen Psaki, the State Department’s face on Obama administration “truth,” and her sidekick, the stereotypically blond Marie Harf, are the personification of what are known as Bimbos, Valley Girls, and any other iteration of what we generally consider vacuous airheads. Jen & Marie typify what we call the “Peter Principle,” rising to their level of incompetence under what likely is the new feminist  “Bimbo Doctrine.” Marie’s blithe suggestion that Islamic terrorists should be given jobs to help them renounce Muhammed’s murderous teachings brought the duo’s antics to a new level of StateDepartment and Obama administration reality — total cluelessness to the threat of global Jihad.

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