Scalise Attack More MSNBC Vacuous Vitriol

Why is it so laughable and yet so sad to watch progressive/liberals work themselves into a rage over a “maybe” errant move 12 years ago by a fledgling politician when that same crowd embraces the hypocrisy of their leader’s slavish worship of the racist dictates of Rev. Jeremiah Wright over what Barack Obama describes as a 20-year period.

Rep, Steve Scalise (R-LA) spoke before the innocent sounding European-American Unity & Rights Organization — EURO is a front group for Klansman David Duke but the affiliation isn’t heralded — when he was a political newcomer still unwary of the political land mines hidden in the swamp of political correctness that serve to stifle free speech and consign it to history’s dustbin.

Scalise discussed his opposition to a tax scheme as a Louisiana state legislator and there is NO evidence he said anything even remotely of a racist nature.

Selective amnesia hovers over the prog/lib crowd. How could they possibly remember Obama sitting on the pew absorbing Wright’s hatred of whites or Obama’s embrace of Al Sharpton, the country’s main avowed racist, or his involvement with the Center for American Progress, the far left think tank and Obama administration policy incubator.

The Left’s new fanatical onslaught on Scalise is led by the MSNBC Marxist gang giving a minor transgression wall-to-wall coverage on par with MSNBC’s marathon Christie/bridge flap last year that ultimately collapsed in a fact vacuum.

You only have to watch Rachel Maddow drool at 9 or the mentally constipated Chris Hayes chortle with delight at 8, or watch the inimitable racist Sharpton at 6 try to stumble through a coherent sentence to fully  grasp what amounts to a shallow issue.

If the House Republican leadership — primarily Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)– capitulates to the MSNBC vitriol campaign, he ought to be removed from his leadership perch.

Thomas J. Edwards, [email protected]

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