Muslims Convert National Cathedral To Mosque

Our most majestic symbol of Christianity, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., has been willingly converted to an Islamic mosque under Islamic law and Muslims are laughing at the naiveté and gullibility of the Western mind. Let’s take a look at Islamic world strategy.

More than 707 years have passed since Pope Clement V ordered the destruction of the Knights Templar, Christian Europe’s last bastion against Islam’s savages. That occurred on Oct. 13, 1307, a date that would live in infamy as unlucky Friday Oct. 13. On that day, Clement  set the stage for the Muslim hordes to overrun much of Christian Europe up to  the gates of Vienna beginning in 1453 — ending only in 1922 — with the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

The Caliph of Islam immediately ordered carpets to be installed in the Basilica of Hagia Sofia, the great Christian cathedral built by Emperor Justinian in the Sixth Century in what would eventually become Islamist Istanbul. He ordered Muslims to assemble for Friday prayers in Hagia Sofia. Once Muslims have said their prayers as an assembled group, a structure automatically becomes a masjid, a mosque. It becomes the property of the waqf, the Islamic trust for the Ummah or community of Islam. The great Basilica became a mosque. Its cross was destroyed and four minarets were erected in its place.

The same transformation holds true for the National Cathedral. On Nov. 4, the Rev. Gina Campbell, knowingly or unknowingly,  surrendered the National Cathedral to the Muslims. Rector Campbell ordered carpets installed in one of the cathedral’s naves. Muslims were invited for Friday prayers, thereby converting the church to a mosque. While Muslims do not yet have the numbers or power to seize the structure, they will when it becomes prudent to do so.

And this is no simple move on the part of Islamists. The cathedral was ironically transformed on the 100th anniversary of the declaration by the Caliph of the Ottomans in 1914 of a Holy War against infidels, precipitating the Armenian Christian Genocide and World War 1. The Islamic consecration of the National Cathedral was also coordinated by operatives of the murderous Muslim Brotherhood.

Campbell aaranged the transformation with  Muslim South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Do you get a whiff of the Muslim Brotherhood in that mix under all those kufi caps, jubbas and thobes?

Take CAIR, the ersatz civil rights group, unindicted terrorism financing co-conspirator in a Hamas terror financing trial by the Justice Department. Or the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the United States, found to have financially supported Hamas in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history (U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation, Dallas, 2008). See the Justice Department sentencing document at

Make no mistake, the Islamic world — the terrorist Jihadists and so-called peace-loving factions — will capitalize on its new masjid at the expense of a gullible United States and naive church rector Campbell.

All this comes days before a similar capitulation in England by the same Episcopal Church of England that governs the faith which built the National Cathedral. An extreme radical Islamist becomes the first non-Christian to address the Church of England synod Nov. 18. Fuad Nahdi is founder and director of the British Islamic group Radical Middle Way with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. How ironic does all this get?

By Thomas J. Edwards, [email protected]

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