Shame Of Obama’s Presidency

Shame is the only way I can describe my feelings when I watch President Barack Obama stand at the podium on the beach in Normandy, France where thousands of soldiers died to preserve the principles and values of the United States of America, those same principles and values Obama detests.

You have to shudder at the sheer hypocrisy of the man who doesn’t give a damn about the history behind the D-Day ceremony. His smug persona reading those empty words written by others tells us it’s all show and ego, that he wants to show he can stand equally with other world leaders, the same leaders who ridicule him in private for his shallowness and treachery.

Forty-two other men have served as president of this nation viewed as a shining light of freedom and opportunity in a world of  bondage and depravity. A few were great, some were average, and a handful were mediocre. Of the modern presidents, Richard Nixon is viewed with disgust but he did accomplish good for the nation. Jimmy Carter is observed with sadness of unrealized potential because of lack of leadership. Bill Clinton sullied the presidency but he had leadership qualities and the nation prospered.

There are no saving graces in Obama’s presidency that was conceived on a lie, built on deception, and conducted with complete disregard of the nation’s laws when they don’t gibe with his political views and policies that are alien and anathema to the nation, a presidency built on class division and racial hatred at a time when the USA was in the process of healing from decades of such animosities.

The Obama presidency is now short on life and there is little he can do to salvage it or rise above the degradation he has left in his wake. Obama will always be the lone skeleton in the nation’s presidential cupboard.  TJE

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