Islamist Seized: Its Propaganda Rescues The Absent Autocrat

President Barack Obama’s propagandists have won another day for him with the “capture” of the principal killer who slaughtered an American ambassador and his three protectors almost two years ago. The “surprise” seizure of an Islamic thug whose whereabouts have been known almost daily since the Sept. 11, 2012 murders in Benghazi, Libya gives the Obama spin machine the ability to generate enough fanfare to push the Illegal children deluge and the Islamic caliphate campaign in Iraq off the front pages for the time being.

How ironic is it that Obama’s Marxist minions and sycophants are also able to coincide the arrest of Ahmed Abu Khatallah with the House investigation of the Benghazi fiasco. Let’s see: We arrest him as a criminal instead of a terrorist. That allows Obama’s thugs to read the Muslim murderer his Miranda rights, effectively silencing him on the thorny details of the massacre at the consulate that had nothing to do with a California-manufactured video. The seizure likely will prompt Obama to deny Khatallah’s appearance before the special panel investigating Benghazi.

Instead of moving the Muslim creep to Guantanamo Bay where we could squeeze him properly, Obama wants the al-Qaida affiliated terrorist tried as a common criminal rather than as an enemy combatant.  That allows the Justice Department all the political leverage to silence him, strike a deal so he won’t have to testify, and persuade him to support the official line that a video precipitated the “spontaneous” massacre, all in return for special sentencing considerations.

Meanwhile, Obama, insulated by his propagandists, can return casually from a four-day California golfing vacation, sign a new executive order banning bias against gays in government contracts with the private sector, and jet off to New York to celebrate at a gay gala because he also ordered the government to force all  taxpayers to pay for sex-change operations for all government workers and for prisoners in U.S. custody. TJE

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